Fjordman on the Oslo blast today:

“…And please keep in mind that the left-wing government of Jens Stoltenberg that was just bombed is the most dhimmi appeasing of all Western governments, to the extent that this is humanly possible. They even wanted to fund Hamas openly a while ago.”

“The most suicidal and cowardly government in a country with no colonical history was just attacked. How do you explain that as a response to Western “aggression”?



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2 Replies to “Fjordman on the Oslo blast today:”

  1. I hope they are aware of what “slipstreaming” is in Norway. It is a term used by people in the security community but I have only seen it used publicly once. However it happens after terror attacks so should be more widely known.

    SLIPSTREAMING is when self appointed leaders of the local islamic communities, who pose as moderates, actively try to take advantage of the terror attack by making demands for concessions right after the attack so the target society “can show good will to muslims”.

    They claim to have no connection to such acts of terrorism but happily use them to extort concessions from target countries. These concessions might seem to be small things but are meant to further the jihad.

    If there are scandinavial readers of this site they should write about slipstreaming in the scandinavian blog community and anywhere else in order to make the public aware of this kind of extortion.

  2. jjk999 I kinda forgot about that one. Good to see you give it a name. It happens after every terror attack. My definition of Slipstreaming: Slip into the stream of events and muddy the waters for your own benefit.

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