Mark Harding: “Please plan to attend and I will meet you there.”

Please plan to attend and I will meet you there.
Mark Harding

Dear friends,

A while ago I informed most of you that I would be taking part in a coalition with other faith groups to protest Muslim prayers in Toronto schools. We had a press conference on Monday July 18 at 5:30 pm which you can view here

For more in the news on this topic see

We announced that we were going to have our first public protest on Monday July 25 at 5:30 pm outside the Toronto District School Board central office. Their address is:

Toronto District School Board
5050 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 5N8


We are encouraging as many people as possible to join and support us at this important protest. Various people will be there who come from other faith backgrounds to support this cause. Even a number of Muslims are objecting and supporting our protest. Toronto tax payers do not wish to support the implementation of Islamic (shariah) law in our public schools or anywhere in our society. Religious practices are not to be exercised in public schools as set out in the Ontario Education Act. The Lord’s Prayer, Bible readings were removed from Ontario schools in 1988 after the Ontario Court of Appeal made its ruling because people protested that it showed favouritism to Christianity and made others uncomfortable. If Christians are not allowed to express their religious beliefs and practices why are Muslims receiving special treatment? It is imperative that we act on this and voice our opposition to this illegal imposition. Please come and make your voice heard. If you cannot come we covet your prayers.

Tony Costa
Religious groups plan to protest in-school prayer sessions

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  1. Can.t be there, but I realize as I did for 6 years in Toronto, I can travel around this city, festivals, streets, subways, here too in Edmonton and speak to people one on one, and inform them, yesterday around the edges of yet another parade, I spoke with over 30 groups of people on the street, not one person rebutted or ignored, or just walked by, very polite and very very interested and concerned about what I told them, and only one person was stupid enough to agree with the mosques in public schools,
    none of the people knew about it, as I explained it is because the local medias usually freeze this type of stuff out, except sun news, Also, I just opened by asking their opinion, One group of two women, with their kids, offered right away that they were muslims, when we finished the discussion they were really angry about the situation and commented they would continue the discourse, and thatt they had no desire to ever have their kids educated in such a hateful manner…they were the typical intelligent ordinary muslim women dressed in tank tops, shorts on a hot summer day
    (Not the backward, braindamaged by submission into wearing culturally oppressed symbols of a cult that kills)
    By doing this each day during my walks by the end of each month, I could chat with hundreds and hundreds and just think about how many to contact during festivals and on the subways, and also, be so much more in shape and loose all this extra weight
    Many of these people use facebook, and tweet,
    Trust me, most people are not even aware of any of this stuff on the blogs
    with small exceptions of the mosque thing that was picked up, but still very few people know about it, and a major reason these insidious vultures are allowed to creep so far into the mainstream of our cities and towns, because no one is paying attention

    One woman, a professor at one of the city colleges suggested that I speak with various lobby groups and also try to contact the colleges to speak to people there, some very good ideas, but not interested in doing the public speaking stuff, other than individually
    Although I do think, each person who knows about this has a cultural and moral obligation to speak about it daily to at least one person…and I realize that is precisely why all you bloggers do your thing, you are doing all you can

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