Security guards zoomed in rape – did not exit until assault was completed.

In keeping with the trend of Western civilization these days, the actual truth is so unbelievable it would make awful fiction and simply no one would publish it. So how can we explain this story, where an African immigrant raped a women right in front of the Norwegian Parliament while the guards caught the whole thing on film and did NOTHING till after he was finished

Below, a translation from the original story linked above:


Security guards zoomed in rape — did not go outside until assault was completed


The Stortinget security guards followed the rape of the almost unconscious 20-year old directly on video without intervening.

The security guards changed the surveillance camera from panorama shots to zoom in on the rape being perpetrated on the steps of Stortinget, but did not go to the scene before the perpetrator was finished and about to leave the area.

“I can confirm that our people have contributed video to the police in conjunction with this event. My section is always at work, but we are primarily there to ensure the safety of the national Norwegian parliament,” says the Stortinget security chief Gerrit Løberg to Dagbladet.

“We assisted in a way that ensured the perpetrator was apprehended,” he continues.

“Would you have intervened if you have discovered this?”

“No, when a crime is taking place, the police are contacted. As I understand it, they arrived promptly.”

When Dagbladet asks for a meeting about the security officers’ behaviour, Gerrit Løberg replies:

“No. We have a lot to do today. But I understand that you want to make a big thing out of this, and it’s a dry news season.”

The images from the surveillance camera also show that several people pass by without intervening. Someone stops and smiles, and at least one person is alleged to have taped the brutal assault on the almost unconscious woman.

The 15-year-old North African asylum-seeker who is suspected of the rape has been released from custody. Neither the victim or the witnesses have contacted the police.

Translated by Reinhard of ICLA


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3 Replies to “Security guards zoomed in rape – did not exit until assault was completed.”

  1. I would like to make the case that Africans -especially Christians, Jews, Animists and others should protest this type of journalism. It besmirches Africans indiscriminantly and leaves open the opportunity for racism to fester. All the while hiding the true identity of the perpetrator -who was probably Muslim.

  2. This type of sick senario makes me vomit. I direct my vomit to the people who walked by. Typical

    I saw a man collapse in the subway once, I ran toward him and wasn’t at all surprised to see the only other person who came to his aid, was a woman acquaintaince of mine, a woman running for the Conservatives, all the other left wing cowards just walzed on by with their vegetarian lunches and their anal personalities. Jillian and I waited for assistance, and help for the man, either of us could have performed CPR if needed, but the point is that most of them just buzzed on by…….no engagement…..Sickening
    What cowards these watchers are….they could have called, they could have yelled out, they could have got a group and overpowered the rapist….
    I hope they catch the witnesses and charge them

  3. @morticia -interesting observation.

    I once had a friend who was a stark left winger come and visit in Israel. I took her to the shuk -an open marketplace with tents; all the people go there, Jews, Arabs, Christians, men, women, Ethiopian, Caucasian, everyone is there. Anyway, we wanted to try to get some free stuff so we stopped at an Arab vendor -a young man- and asked him if the food on the floor was free. He looked incredulous at me and waved his hand -the hand that was welding a knife at me- as a “go away” sign.

    My friend kept a distance -i think because she was scared. All the news outsiders hear about Israel can be frightening. And when he waved the knife welding hand, we left. But the guy kept shouting at us. (only later I realized that he was saying “take! take!”).

    Anyway, when my friend went back to America, she spoke of how badly she was treated by Israelis (she was well received!) and how no one permitted her to speak her views (she was talking to mostly right wingers) and said absolutely nothing about Arabs or her fear or anything at all.

    I think they create their own perception of reality and try to live it.

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