Mosquebusters: Appeal for volunteers!

Here is a chance to really fight for Western civilization

Appeal for volunteers!


  1. Positions to work remotely by internet. We’ll provide the documents. Skills needed: good at email.
  2. Positions to work visiting local communities around England. We’ll give you the action plan. Skills needed: community organising – if President Obama could do it, you can.

Mosquebusters is the Law and Freedom Foundation’s a campaign to fight off planning applications for new mosques across England. Helping local groups set up campaigns, and providing legal expertise to make it count. Councils have no legal power to grant permission for mosques, and they need to be resisted.

Volunteers needed for:

  • Freedom of Information requests. We’re asking every Council, every week, if there’s been an application for a mosque, “community centre”, “cultural centre”, islamic institute, or islamic “school” or “college”. Remote work. Will fit around your daily routine. Needs a good emailer.
  • Sending out Action Packs to community groups, and answering simple follow up questions. Needs a good emailer, who can deal with action groups.
  • Visiting local groups to nurture campaigns. Needs a community organiser.
  • Attending Council Planning meetings to record objection statements.

What’s in it for you?

  • Pay? Can’t afford it yet, maybe never.
  • Fame? If you give a name, it’ll probably be “anonymous”.
  • Glory? Guardian readers will loathe every inch of your guts.

But you will:

  • Put your foot on enemy territory, and see it stay there;
  • Know you did your bit in the run-up to the crisis;
  • Win.

Replies to please!

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12 Replies to “Mosquebusters: Appeal for volunteers!”

  1. What an excellent idea, and hopefully a successful one. The long-suffering British People themselves will have to fight and defeat the Moslem Invaders, because their political leaders are unwilling to do so. The wuzz David Cameron, a.o., is too busy sucking up to the Eurocrats to spend any time cleaning up the unholy, multi-cultural Pigsty that Britain has become!…

  2. There has just been planning permission granted for a three storey monstrosity in the Normacot ward of Stoke-on-Trent, and they are sniffing about for a suitable place in the north of the city.
    At what point in the planning application do you need to be informed?

  3. I love how everyone forgets that you guys invaded us first. I believe the British empire stayed in India for around 400 years….we’ve only been here for 50 years…another 350 years to go guys and then you can start complaining that we’ve overstayed our welcome. Not long now.

  4. Check your history again. Probably the largest and most savage genocide or human slaughter and conquest in all of human history is the Islamic invasion of India where millions and millions where killed and enslaved and countless Hindu temples were razed and converted to mosques. The Muslim invasion of India left horror and destruction in it’s wake. The British one actually freed slaves taken by Muslims and spread civilization there.

    I think given a choice, the Indian Hindus would take the British over the Muslims anytime and for all of time.

    The Muslim invasion of India by the way was centuries before the British and I might add, the facts I state are from Muslim generals own records, as they were very proud of what they did. Just like the Nazis.

  5. I didn’t mean to say the British Empire was a wholly negative influence on India, I’m sure most people know that wherever Britain went they brought with them great infrastructure links such as in Africa and India; however the point I was trying to make was that how can so many of you be against multiculturalism when Britain itself was so proud to build it’s empire around the world and benefited greatly from the many influences of other countries. We live in an international community and of course there are disadvantages to this and not everyone will get along with one another, however it is what it is. You all sit there drinking tea made in India, watching TV’s that were made in Japan driving cars from Europe. One simply cannot expect to take all the advantages of a multicultural society without any of the negatives. And the fact remains that only 10% of the UK population is not White, and this 10% is made up of people of all different religions and backgrounds. So perhaps you should all stop overreacting and stop buying into the tabloid propaganda being forced down your throats everyday.

  6. Multiculturalism means different things to different people and largely means nothing at all. I would argue that its actually an oxymoron. Lets look at 3 views on it.

    1. The EDL’s view is that there is nothing wrong with multiculturalism and see it as you do. That England has massively benefited by various cultures influences and that only Islam and its intolerance and attitudes about women etc. as well as its demands that Islamic standards be applied to non Muslims cannot be integrated. Of course that is true.
    2. My views. Law is just the formal codification of culture. For instance, the Gypsy view of possession of property is not the same as the European standard one. Theft is largely a cultural concept. All people living within a given jurisdiction must agree more or less on what the rules of ownership of things are and many dozens of other aspects of day to day life. How we greet each other, and how we interact, men to women, adults to children, doing commerce etc. These things cannot have multiple views operating in the same group of people in the same area. This would result in different laws for different peoples and result in massive advantage for some over others, resulting in the breakdown of the kind of trust needed for a society of millions of people living in close proximity. We need to know we can walk the streets safely and wearing X clothing or doing Y activity no matter who we are.

    3. The ‘official’ view: Multiculturalism is a rhetorical device used to placate people who might be concerned about rapid changes to the demography of their area, intended to lull people into compliance with the notion that multiculturalism is nothing more than unusual spices in ones soup, or music played in another mode or scale than we typically hear. That it is just people dressed in a sari instead of jeans when in fact it means some groups ready to behead women who do not conform to a certain dress code, or burn women alive on their husbands funeral pyre as in the Hindu practice of suttee.

    Race is not a big part of my issue other than it should be allowed into a discussion without fear of being charged with a crime. Forcing people to remain quiet about what their fears may be, is not a formula for communal harmony, especially when there are clear and obvious facts to everyone in terms of demographics of anti social behaviour.
    Personally I think of even these issue as more cultural than racial as one hears about Jamaican crime a great deal but virtually never about Barbadian criminals. One hears a great deal about Somali crime but very little about Ethiopian. Likely because Somalia is culturally Muslim while Ethiopia is culturally Christian and perhaps Jewish, both groups which, tend to focus on cooperation and development of the self as an agency for good. Islam seems to look at the world more as an oyster which needs shucking.

    In conclusion, the examples you made are multicultural by 2 of the definitions I offered, but not by mine. I see those things as consequences of globalization and Western capitalist culture. One of trade and exchange of ideas and non-zero-sum growth by tolerant acceptance of new things that are mutually enriching. But this requires a common cultural frame of reference to begin with doesn’t it?

    Thank you for your well considered comments.


  7. I think it’s good when a dialogue can be opened up in the most intellectual way possible between opposing views on a subject so I appreciate your replying to my comments.

    I completely believe that no matter how many different cultures or religions live in a certain country the common factor between all these different belief systems is that they have to adhere to the law of the land, whatever that may be. Modern day Britain in my opinion is one of the most tolerant countries in the West and people of other faiths including Muslim’s should be very grateful to live in such a place where they can exercise their religious freedom; however we should all be mindful to not take advantage of the freedoms we have in this country. If the law allows one to be granted planning permission for a mosque then so be it. Just as synagogues and temples can be built so can mosques. I don’t believe Muslim’s are trying to force their religion upon anyone but are just trying to practice their religion as best as they can.

    Britain benefits from the range of different people in this country of all ethnic backgrounds, and as you say some Islamic views may not be compatible with the philosophies of non-Muslims in Britain, however Muslims are not trying to force their religion beliefs upon other people they are just trying to cater for the needs of their own community. If a lady wants to walk down a road in a bikini that’s her right, this is Britain and she can wear what she wants, if a Muslim doesn’t like it then don’t look. In the same token however, if a lady wants to walk down the road in a burka again she can wear what she wants, if a non-Muslim doesn’t like it then don’t look, it works both ways. As long as the practicing of people’s beliefs are not breaking the law and are still adhering to the law of the country then there shouldn’t be a problem. The lady in the burka is not forcing her belief upon anyone else, she’s just trying to practice her own beliefs, and I think that’s where people get mixed up. When people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds come together there’s always going to be clashes in opinion but one has to learn to sift through the propaganda that’s being thrust into the faces of the British public on a daily basis. You shouldn’t judge Muslim’s on the foolishness of a minority just as you shouldn’t judge any other religion. Too many people are getting distracted by the vilification of Muslims when there’s really a bigger political agenda going on. Britain allows people of all faiths a great level of religious freedom to practice their beliefs within the confines of the law and that is exactly what Muslim’s are doing.

  8. I would ask you to watch the full video of Anjem Chaudary’s press conference of yesterday available here on Vlad, as well as look at every nation where Muslims have exceeded 10% of the population and then tell me that Islam is as you say, a live and let live theosophy.

    If what you said was remotely true, I wouldn’t waste a second of my life with this website. The fact remains that Muslims force their culture and system of law everywhere they go. I have seen it in Canada. I know people who have been ethnically cleansed out of their neighbourhoods by Muslims who were quite clear on the issue. I know about the hijra. I know also that if 70% of Muslims are as you are, the 30% who would force Islam on the rest of the host population go unopposed by the 70% and law makers look at you all as one group.

    I wish you were the representing and dominant side of Islam. But even a cursory look at global history and demographics show it not to be the case.

    How can you reconcile what is said in this press release with what you have said?

  9. I do think what I said is true, there are many other Muslims just like me who believe exactly what I had just said. The thing is the cases that you read about in the newspapers and that you mentioned are still a minority of the Muslim population, you may choose to disagree with that, but I do believe it is the minority. These are the stories that are pushed by the media and eaten up by the masses. Historically there has always been a group of people that has been seen as the “enemy” and right now that just happens to be the Muslim’s.

    I watched some of the video link you posted (not the whole thing as I noticed it’s an hour long) and from viewing the first 5 minutes I can get the jist of what this video is about. I don’t necessarily agree with the views being expressed and the way they are being expressed in this video, I think Muslim’s as a community need to work on bettering ourselves as a community before we try and influence other people. There is no single country in the world that implements 100% correct Shariah law, this is fact. So I think we should work on implenting our own laws properly in so called “Muslim” countries first and learning more about our own religion. The same goes for other communities, I think everyone out there needs to look at there own communities first before picking on the faults of others. In Britain there are so many other social problems in the country that have nothing to do with the 5% Muslim population, and perhaps they should be sorted out first. There’s binge drinking, teenage pregnancies, the lack of respect young people have for authority in Britain etc. that is a much bigger problem than the handful of Muslim’s that want to build a new mosque. People are being distracted from the actual issues going on in their own societies. Islamically Muslims are not meant to force their religion on others, you may disagree and will probably bring up some “historical” evidence of what a violent religion we are, but this is not true. If you look into Islam properly and as a whole you will see that it’s not about violence, hatred and force, it’s about peace. It is written in the Qu’ran that some people will never be able to see the virtues of Islam and will not accept it, that’s fine, so they why would we want to force our religion on other people when we are being told not everyone will accept it? Each of us needs to work on bettering ourselves and our own understanding of whatever religion/beliefs we may have before we can start judging one another. By being proper examples of Islam that in itself is enough to call people to this religion if they wish. In every community there are going to differences of opinion, it’s human nature, so it’s important you look for the facts and not mere conjecture.

  10. abc500:

    You seem like a nice fellow with a good heart. However I have 3 quick points to make in opposition.
    1. No new churches or non-mosque temples can be built in Muslim controlled lands according to sharia law. So I don’t think Muslims have a right to whine when people oppose new mosques in non Muslim lands.
    2. Mohamed, the founder of Islam, conquered the whole of the Arabian peninsula in his life time by bloody conquest, which was continued by his successors afterwards under which, the largest genocide of history took place. The one of tens of millions of people, mostly Hindus, in India. So I think you urgently need to learn Islamic history. Mohamed would have called you an apostate for not being willing to throw your life down for the spread of his religion with him at the head of it.
    2. I put up a less-than-ten minute version of the Choudary video here:

  11. Ok so in response to your 3 points:

    1. There are churches in Pakistan, Dubai, Indonesia and many other countries where Muslim’s make up the majority of the population. Like I stated before there is no country where 100% complete shariah is enforced, however in “Muslim” countries where there is a population of people from other faiths they are allowed to form the places of worship they need, and this is evident. The thing is, unlike other religions, in Islam a place of worship is fundamental to the daily routine of most Muslims. Muslims don’t just visit mosques once a week, but people will use the mosque as much as 5 times a day so there is more of a need for mosques. As long as the law allows Muslim’s to build mosques in countries where they are a minority then there is nothing wrong with that. In much of the West the typical function of the call to prayer being broadcast aloud on the streets is not allowed and so mosques adapt to this and abide by the law. So I honestly don’t see why there is a reason to oppose construction of a mosque in a community where there is a Muslim population if the law allows it.

    2. I admit there are many aspects of history I need to learn more about however the “genocide” you mention in nowhere near one of the largest genocides in the world. It is a fact that with regards to numbers the “great leap forward” movement in Mao’s China was the largest genocide in history. Under Mao’s policies over 30 million people starved to death. With regards to wars involving Muslim’s, many of the wars during the Prophet’s (pbuh) time need to be looked at in context, as anything does. When revealing Islam in Arabia the Muslim’s faced great hardships and persecutions themselves so did they not have the right to defend themselves? The fought and lost some battles and won others. Look at what’s happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc., people if being attacked will fight back. Much of the divide that happened in India resulting in the split of the country was ignited by the British presence in that country, a common consensus of people that lived through that time.

    3. Once again I will state that the views expressed in that video are those of a minority. A minority of a minority in the West!! The majority of Muslims have the common sense to know that if we live in a non-Islamic state we need to abide by it’s laws. It is no coincidence that this press conference was held soon after the attacks in Norway when Islam again came into question and people were fearful. The ideas expressed play on peoples fears and in my opinion unnecessarily stir up more hatred which is evident by yours and other peoples reactions on this site. By ignoring propaganda and views of such a minority you will not be giving in to the hatred the current political atmosphere is trying to induce and will probably have a more peaceful life overall.

    In conclusion we are obviously not going to agree on everything….if not anything (!) but I hope you will be able to see past the lies and propaganda in the media and on the internet and not get swept up in the fear and hatred peddling.

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