Video on Islamic convert being whipped for having a beer.

Giving the derogatory term, ‘Mustard’ all that much more legitimacy. Many errors in this video though. In fact the whole point of Islam is to give individual Muslim males the ‘right’ to apply force to whomever they feel they want to, to enforce the various edicts of Islam. That is what Mohamed and his followers did in his time. There was no ‘following the local laws’ except where they were so weak, they had no choices. But the moment Muslims feel they have enough numbers or strength to warrant enforcing the sharia they are obliged to.

There is one plus in this though….

This could make the best Fosters add of all time.

(after footage of Muslim being whipped 40 times) ‘What would YOU do for a Foster?’

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13 Replies to “Video on Islamic convert being whipped for having a beer.”

  1. Richard, it would not have made any difference..even after this brutal assault in the name of Islam, the man still believes Islam is a beautiful religion and will stay in it.

    He is lost to the west, and I have no doubt that we may see his name again, sooner than you think, when his brainwashing has been well and truly completed and he detonates himself in the name of his new master in a crowed square or bus.

  2. I think this is wonderful. Good for him. Now that he is in Islam he must be more careful. I often think how wonderful it would be if the Muzzies did the same to the sympathizers of Islam like George Galloway or Karen Armstrong etc what a wonderful world it would be. Smypathising with Islam carries no penalities and so the useful idiots keep on doing it and selling out the West.

  3. He should have found out more about Islam before he converted Says Richard. If he found out more he would not converted. It is the religion of ignorance and deceit. Also he will be beheaded if he deconverts now. It is death for the apostatates also called Murtads.

  4. Rage boy:

    My guess is, he converted to Islam for the same reason many Westerners do. It is a cheap, seemingly low risk way to advertise ones own moral superiority to conservatives etc. I mean if you don’t have a car to attach a ‘Free Tibet’ bumper sticker too, you can always convert to Islam to show all us ‘islamophobes’ how wrong we are. That is, right up to the point where “four bearded men break into your apartment and beat you with a cable for half an hour”.

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