Six stabbed at Swedish wedding

Excerpt from The Local.Se but click through for the comments to have the giant, glaring omissions answered. To the best of my knowledge, it is not customary for Swedes to bring knives to a wedding.

Published: 17 Jul 11 09:49 CET

Several people were stabbed on Saturday afternoon, when a wedding party at a castle outside Eslöv, in southern Sweden, got out of hand.

A 52 year-old man was arrested, for attempted murder and aggravated assault.

For reasons that are still unclear, a fight broke out between the man and several of the other guests, resulting in the man going berserk, and stabbing one person in the stomach.

In the chaos that ensued, several other people were also stabbed, and the 52 year-old was wounded as well.

A total of six people were in the end taken to nearby Skåne University Hospital with knife wounds, but none of the victims have life-threatening injuries, according to police officers.

The 52 year-old was arrested, but due to the head injuries he received during the fight was among those brought to the hospital.

He is suspected of attempted murder and aggravated assault, according to Lund police.

Police are still working to establish the cause of the knife fight. Several witnesses have already been questioned about the event, and when possible, the victims who are currently in the hospital will also be interviewed.

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now read the comments. You can save time by searching for the word ‘Iran’.


The local seems to have scrubbed all the comments on this issue. (When will I learn to take a screen capture of anything that looks like it might be true but shine a bad light on Islam?) however Snaphanen was kind enough to provide me with this link which discusses the identity of the Wedding Stabber, and below a screen cap of the machine translation:

I guess it pays (very rarely) to be lazy. I still had a tab open to the original Local article with the comments un-scrubbed:



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