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3 Replies to “Britain’s ‘Player Piano’ economic scenario. The disappearance of the middle class”

  1. I know what that feels like. For years I had a well paid job as an underwater Negrologist looking for the lost kingdom of Blacklantis, then the funds dried up from the government agency funding the research. I am now doing something much less interesting. Working with the elderly and making sure they are well looked after is hard work and useful work but hardly carries the glamour and status of my previous work. Still that is life in the new Britain of today.

  2. Here in the US the middle class is shrinking, the factories are closing at a rapid pace, domestic manufacturing for decades has been replaced by a ‘Made in China’ label. The globalists with their greed driven policies are fattening their wallets while emptying ours. Where will it all end? Add to that the horde of illegal immigration fueling wage competition and I see a them and us society in the near future.

  3. Big Frank I think the pattern is across many countries. Once that starts to happen it is case of how much the middle classes are cut off from the tree of stability. I myself am not a member of middle class since losing my job with the Blacklantis project and I can tell you life is very complicated with low wages and long hours and lots of crazy people to deal with. Still that way lies the third world and the thirdworldisation of the US is an advanced project.

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