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4 Replies to “Tarek Fatah on the Mosqueterias in Toronto”

  1. The Bzyantine and Persian cultures were overtaken by Islam and its practices. In
    any event, misogyny has been sanctioned in the Koran and hadiths. Women contributed during the Bzyantine era. There were women composers and hymngraphers amongst other things. [Music from antiquity to the End of the Byzantine Empire -vol1]

    If freedom of religion means anything it should also mean freedom FROM religion. Imposing religion in a public, secular space on young adolesents, some of whom if given a choice would rather play traunt, is not freedom but coercion. Then to publicly segregrate and downgrade the girls as being unclean and spiritually defiled during their menses is misogyny, sharia style. Surely, the youth, particularaly those lucky enough to be living in a country like Canada deserve better than this!

    The false and mindless pursuit of freedom at all costs, in particular religious freedom will result in slavery. Shame on the false and treacherous, educational authorities and all those concernced. As the saying goes [borrowed from Dostoyevsky]: “Please, I pray, I beg, do not get up from your knees to take a seat, for even those postures would too be false!

  2. Tarek Fatah is a great man with integrity. No doubt in my mind. However, even he subscribes to the hijacked religion theory. I suppose there is no other option for an ethical and moral man to justify his being a muslim. Was Islam ever peaceful and tolerant? I very much doubt it. History shows a great deal of violence right from the very beginning.

  3. It is the fault of those islamic community and it should be the responsibility of the islamic community to solve their own islamic problems. Any islamic community who tried to irresponsibly push their islamic problems (that was created by islam or islamic people or islamic irrational gender segregation policies) to a nonislamic school board, or to any western country that they migrated to should not be tolerated. It is unfair and ridiculous for anyone that tried to blame some feminist, racism, white people for their brown skin moslem problems. It is strange that with so many islamic organisations in Canada such as the one led by Tarek Fatah, the islamic community still have not solve the problem created by their various version of islam. That just proved that socalled islamic moderateness is just all talk but no substance. If those moslem can’t even treat us disadvantaged nonbelievers as equals in this time and age, that just proved there is something wrong with their islam, whatever version of islam they may come up with or what excuse they may come up with. Shame on islam for imposing their unpleasant inconsistencies on us nonbelievers.

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