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6 Replies to “Immigrants to Sweden show gratitude for the new and better life they have there.”

  1. Hi Sir,

    I’ve noticed you post videos in foreign language. I have a site on You Tube with more than 30 films. They are in French however. If you want to use them, they’re all yours.

    PS: strangely, I have not received so much bad comments so far.

    Have fun

  2. This behavior is typical for the ungrateful sub human mutants, invited to countries by the useless class of bleeding heart liberals who think they are saving the world, but in reality are wrecking it one civilized country at a time. While some Third World immigrants do well and blend into most societies many just target the countries with the most generous welfare and social programs. To add insult to injury a large number insult the host nation , refuse to get jobs, an education, spend most of their time engaging in criminal activity, while living on the dole. The real enemies of the people are the pandering, useless liberal politicians who welcomed these ‘problem immigrants, in the first place. Let’s face it most of us in various countries are getting sick, tired, and disgusted with having to go to work and have our taxes pay for this huge economic burden, when most of our own countries are in dire financial straits.

  3. Wow all the brain cells and intellect of a termite. Of course if you have millions of termites chewing away at the foundations of civilization, some Dursban might come in handy.

  4. dear Sir I am Ahmadullah From Quetta pakistan I send your this letter I’m Afgan and i’m come from Afghanistan my job was in Afgan police force my bady was killed taliban and send me warning letter. And attak the Qandar city . that is a reezan i’m come to quetta pakistan . now i am not save here. i am hidden here thanks to your sir see my case.

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