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4 Replies to “CTV: “We know what religion they were””

  1. This guy nailed it on the head. Normally it a clueless expert who is expert in stupidity. Normally it is a loser hoping and praying its a Timothy Mcveigh number two at last. No it is the bad old muzzies again.

  2. Seems to me the jihad is hotting up like never before. We are at a point of poverty for the muzzies.They are losing countries economically speaking. But they are getting madder than ever. Like a group of dogs who know not what to do.They have lost the economy of Tunisia and Egypt. Bush and Obama stomped Iraq into the ground. The poverty of Allah’s finest increases daily. The Saudis are bailing out Egypt with a four billion check but that will not last long when their tourist industry worth 15 billion is down the tubes and the receipts from Egyptian immigrant workers in Libia worth 11 billion are non existent now as that country also goes down the economic drain. More poverty and more madness. Even muzzies have to eat. Even muzzies full of hatred and jihad on their minds.

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