Ottawa: The absurd lengths that leftists will go to, in order to allow Muslims preferential treatment, and immunity from their own (leftists) laws

Here is an edited version of today’s AM radio talk show, the Lowell Green show. Lowell has been discussing the 14 or so area public schools that actually turn part of the public space, usually the cafeterias, into Mosques on fridays complete with an imam and lots of arse-lifting all around. Turns out this is utterly illegal however this isn’t the only revelation. The best one perhaps is near the end of this show, where it is revealed that (Caution plot spoiler. You may wish to hear it for yourself first) in order to get permission to build a church, you have to create X number if parking spots per seat. Well the brand new Mosque being built in Ottawa’s east end is exempt from this bylaw. All the Muslims who go to use this facility will enjoy using the grocery store parking across the road from it. The exact reason that the legislation to ensure sufficient parking at churches was created. Why you ask? Why are mosques exempt from the so-many-spots-per-seat rule that city council is so strict about when it comes to any other faith use building?

Naw. You wouldn’t believe me. You will have to just listen for yourself. Put this in the ‘bad-fiction’ category. Cause if someone made this up, it wouldn’t be believable enough to make for decent writing. The punch line for this is at 41 minutes of this version.

Also you may enjoy the hypocritical leftist near the end that explains why we have to respect Kim Jung Il as a religious leader as that is their culture and we have to accept it. Of course, I’m fairly confident if you were to ask the same fellow if we have to accept current or past American culture as that is who they were, you would get a different answer.

For the whole show, please go to and select ‘podcasts‘ and then July 11 if anyone wishes to hear discussion on any of the other topics Lowell raised, or check my edit to make sure I did not overly distort the context into a dishonest representation of the show or the callers.

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5 Replies to “Ottawa: The absurd lengths that leftists will go to, in order to allow Muslims preferential treatment, and immunity from their own (leftists) laws”

  1. Muslim prayer in TDSB public schools

    If Muslim prayer is allowed in TDSB public schools, then so should the prayers of every other “ethnic vote” religion: Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Shia & Sunni Muslim (separate!), Asatru, Shinto, Wicca, Voodoo…

    Why not have theoleptic rituals of dancing and chanting, with rare ancient musical instruments, colourful costumes, incense and flowers, and spirit possession and animal sacrifice, female circumcision, honour killings, in school hallways. We can only hope they don’t blow up eachother’s prayer ceremonies, as they blow up eachother’s temples regularly in other countries…..

    Parents of every religion should demand prayer ceremonies for their children in their religion –and specific sect– from their school principal. But then we would have religion in the schools… I would not want to pay for that from my taxes……

    When people dress in masks and costumes on the street and they are not part of a theatrical group or a parade –they scare me. We all know that people who wear masks and costumes on the street do not integrate into Canadian society –nor any other. They want whole societies to become like them. They have their own agenda… Rip off their masks on the street…Ship them back home free of charge…

    The Ontario Supreme Court ruling says: “The school may sponsor the study of religion, but may not sponsor the practice of religion.” The act of seating girls behind boys IS a practice of religion. Muslim female clothing is religious practice which restricts the body and spirit. If the Imam reads the Koran that is indoctrination of Muslim world views –and if he reads the parts which call for the killing of infidels and homosexuals and the beating of wives –that is against the law –hopefully no one is inspired to practice those….

    The TDSB should be taken to court over this violation. This should become an election issue. Will it be forgotten by the fall? Mark your calendars and keep on it…

  2. When will the chicken sh#% lawmakers stand up for the people who voted them into office? When will the law be upheld by all? Why do they kowtow to the muslums, is it under threat of life? When will all “terrorists” be punished for their crimes? And this is terror….in the public school system. In the US, at least right now, there is separation of church and state! The little kiddies cannot pray in school today, because one person complained or one atheist decided that we should all be atheists! So to make allowances for the muslums is just breaking the law. This is looking to be something wicked coming this way and it ain’t going to be playing nice with everyone!

  3. Those moslems are horriblely manipulative and unreasonable when they make use of their moslem kids to pressure the public nonreligious school to give preferential treatment to their moslem group. Public nonreligious schools are not meant for one selfish moslem group only to do what they like or for them to inconsiderately take over public cafetaria space that are not meant for praying. Why should any public nonreligous school pander to moslem groups that try to stir up controversy with their extremist demands for praying? Even if the school is not oppose to praying , it is still unacceptable for the moslem group to take over the public school cafetaria or expect the public nonreligious school to pander to their extremist islamic cause.

  4. I always laugh when people naively ask/whine “but why do they come here if they don’t like how we live and don’t want to adapt to OUR way of life?” The simple answer lies in the marching orders given DIRECTLY by the koran:

    They are not coming here to escape some bad situation back home in Bumf**kistan or to give their children a better life in the west. They are coming here explicitly to CHANGE “dar-al-harb” (literally meaning “land of disorder”) into “dar-al-islam” (Islamic world) through WHATEVER means possible – whether that is through stealth and legalistic jihad, demographic jihad (pumping out babies who will one day outvote you) or whether that is through violent and sabotage jihad. You can’t blame individual muslims for this – some of them are very nice people as individuals (on the surface – google the concepts of “taqiyya” and “kitman” – but this order to go forth and conquer the infidel is a MAJOR commandment in their cult’s brainwashing.

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