Head of Ontario HRC Barbara Hall speaks on the mosqueteria and the menstruating mosqueteers stuck at the back.

Once again, the idea that anyone at all would be allowed to discuss what Islam demands of its followers in this kind of debate is defeatist. If someone shows up at your chess club with some exotic version of Chinese checkers they made up last week, the issue is not what the infinitely malleable rules of the invaders game are. It is that he is at your chess club cause he came to your chess club and no one made him. So play chess, or go home. The only rules to be debated, are the rules of chess. How much more clear can you get than that? Whether or not burkas or prayers are mandated by Islam means exactly nothing and must must must continue to mean nothing. Religious freedom means free from government persecution for calling your god by another name or worshipping another god.

It was never meant to mean that anyone can do anything if they claim their religion mandates it.

Play chess, or go home.

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  1. What a load of BS this woman is. She is an icon of what is wrong with this country today. Maybe she would like to spend some time in oh, I don’t know, Saudi Arabia perhaps and find out for herself what this prayer business and Sharia law is all about.
    The sooner these HRCs are eliminated, the better.

  2. I just had an increadibly simple minded thought. Why didn’t the mosque have a prayer time set aside at the end of the school day for students?

    But it doesn’t follow proscribed times during the day. Isn’t This important?

    If timing of prayers matterd then all prayers would have to be done according to one time zone. Do muslims in the western hemisphere wake up 5 times every single night to pray? No they don’t.

    That means Muslims can pray any time of the day they like.

    If time does not matter then there is nothing stopping the mosque from having a prayer time set aside for students after school. And it is certainly less trouble to do so.

  3. Let’s compare the two women, just on hearing them speak for a few moments, one appears to be bright, quick thinking, eloquent, concise, assertive with her well articulated concerns, seems like an intelligent well educated woman, who just won’t be railroaded by incompetent lower level thinking bureaucrats…..

    the other, slow, finding her words with great difficulty, sort of dumb sounding, maybe a former university graduate, if law, then back when they gave special attention perhaps 6 hours to write exams rather than 3, (the way they do with aboriginals, which is an insult to any aboriginal and others that need special help) and all sorts of extras for learning impaired students who had difficulty thinking out of the box and unable to see implications of one decision overlapping another and infringing on rights of women…. sort of hard to listen to, a real drone, unable to think on her own, but just regurgitates her policy book and someone you just wouldn’t want to run anything by, to get a fresh perspective, sort of dumb and likely thought trudeau was sexually stimulating, although not really able to understand how his charter embodied the ultimate destruction of this great nation though erosion of it’s culture by planting the seeds within the mandate, all cultures are equal and none have any higher rank than others,,,,,THIS is so untrue,,,,just look at the photos, see what these idiots do to litlle girls,,,,,,soooooooooo sickenly disgusting
    Gosh, guess which one is which???????????????????

  4. I suppose it was nice of John Oakley to invite these two women to comment on the issue but it was really as waste of time. Neither’s viewpoint has anything to do with the meat of this story. The only fact worth dealing with is that public school boards have been and continue to violate the Ontario Education Act. To discuss peace meal reasonable accommodation and vile religious practices is fine, but muddies the water. Investigate all public school boards in Ontario, find out which ones are in violation, and enforce the law.

  5. Yes, one would think, but that pimple mcguinty is unalbe to do anything reasonable
    he is a snivelling little coward, perhaps Ford is the way to go, because he can do something locally with the school board pimps who are locally responsible for what goes on

  6. This Hall woman is an idiot-she can hardly string together a coherent sentence, and has not a clue what she is talking about. Where does government GET these people from?

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