Hezbollah In The Western Hemisphere

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  1. I have read but can’t remember where that there are suppose to be a lot of Hezbollah people in both Canada and the US waiting for orders to attack. I believe this report is true because the Border Patrol is always finding Moslem prayer rugs left in the desert by illegal aliens. This is the unspoken secret and threat of the illegal alien movement, it is not just Mexicans or other Hispanics but also a lot of Moslems.

  2. Richard do you have any links about the prayer rugs and korans please? I remember reading one unsubstantiated story about that once but it struck me as highly unlikely that a religious Muslim would carry a prayer rug and Koran all the way from the Middle east or North Africa through to Mexico, make the dangerous crossing into the US from Mexico, and then just discard their holy crap on someone’s lawn once they made it into the US.

    Not that I don’t think there isn’t a lot of illegal Islamic immigration into the US, I’m certain there is. But I don’t believe the prayer rug-Koran story. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  3. No I don’t, the reports are several years old, I wish I had saved the articles but I didn’t have a computer at the time and was using the libraries computers.

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