Why not have madrases at public schools?

Well, from my point of view, I do not think children should be taught hate filled, xenophobic, misogynistic, closed mindedness which is often the province of religion and a thousandfold more so from Islam, at least today, under the illusion of the authority of educational facilities in Canada. If you want to inculcate your children with these ‘traditional ideas’ then as a free society well we can’t stop you till you try and actually put most of these ideas into practice. But we can’t stop you from teaching them. Ironocally those of us who try and expose these practices are often stopped by the state but Muslims who teach the savage and grotesque ideas from Koran and the example of the life of the mass slaughterer Mohamed, should feel free to carry on.

Yet here it is. I followed a link from an article on Blazing Cat fur and there was a link to an organization that indeed has madrases at Ontario public schools. After hours I suppose but still. This, is not good use of school property.

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  1. The reason, Islam is allowed to build mosques, hold a madras on school property “after hours,” “revise and extend,” the damaging un-peaceful, civil/religious rights violating verses in the Koran, package itself as “moderate” and acceptable, is because no one challenges it’s “religion,” status. If, during the cold war, Communism (another take over the world by force ideology) had packaged itself as a “religion,” we would have given them the same preferential treatment for the past 50 years and probably be living under Communism today.

  2. America is bankrupt because of creeping socialism not communism. We still give lip service to principles like human rights and freedom of religion, but have failed to instill regard for God and our underlying exceptional Christian founding principles in recent generations.

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