Teenage girl ‘lured two 16-year-olds into rape ordeal with three Asian men in their thirties’

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17-year-old described alleged attackers as ‘my boys’

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Last updated at 3:10 PM on 6th July 2011

Accused: Stephanie Knight, 19, at Burnley Crown Court, where she is on trial for aiding and abetting rapeAccused: Stephanie Knight, 19, at Burnley Crown Court, where she is on trial for aiding and abetting rape

A teenage girl lured two other youngsters into a terrifying rape ordeal after providing them for sex to three Asian men she referred to as ‘my boys,’ a court heard.

Stephanie Knight, then 17, invited the two 16-year-old girls for a night out clubbing during which they were plied with vodka and drugs and introduced to the group, it was claimed.

Later the girls were taken by Shahid Hussain, 37, his brother, Amjad Hussain, 34, and their cousin, Tanveer Butt, 39, to a dark and empty house without electricity in Accrington, Lancashire, where they were sexually abused, a jury was told.

The three men were said to have taken it in turns to abuse one of the teenagers who was repeatedly raped in different rooms of the house which one of the men used to live in, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Knight, who was to tell police she was Amjad Hussain’s girlfriend, was said to have stopped one of the teenagers from going to her friend’s help as she was raped three times by Shahid Hussain.

Knight was also alleged to have threatened the frightened second girl when she refused to perform sex acts on the men, the hearing was told.

Shahid Hussain, of Drake Street, Butt, of St Albans Street, both Rochdale, Amjad Hussain, of Sharples Street, Accrington, and Knight, now 19, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, all deny two counts of conspiracy to rape, between December 4 and 7, 2009.

Butt also pleads not guilty to three charges of rape against one of the girls and aiding and abetting Shahid Hussain to rape her, Knight also denies aiding and abetting rape, Shahid Hussain also pleads not guilty to three counts of rape against the girl and Amjad Hussain also denies two allegations of raping the girl and rape and assault by penetration against the second girl.

Nick Courtney, prosecuting, told the court the girls were provided with alcohol and drugs before they became the victims of a number of sexual offences.

The first girl was allegedly raped orally, vaginally and anally and the second girl was subjected to a sex act and oral rape by Amjad Hussain in a car.

Mr Courtney said Knight, who had known the girls for about a week, invited them out for the evening, on December 5. During the evening out she was heard to say ‘Got them’ in a mobile phone conversation and named the girls.

Amjad Hussain at Burnley Crown Court
Tanveer Butt at Burnley Crown Court
Shahid Hussain at Burnley Crown Court


On trial: Amjad Hussain (left), Tanveer Butt (centre) and Shahid Hussain (right) allegedly sexually abused two 16-year-old girls

At about 10pm, they were picked up by Amjad Hussain, driven from Blackburn to Accrington, and then all got into a large 4×4 vehicle, with Butt at the wheel.

Drink was bought in Accrington and the car was parked at Asda, Burnley and was captured on CCTV. Amjad Hussain added vodka to some bottles of coca cola before giving them to the girls, who were also given drugs to smoke.

Both girls made the men aware they were 16 but both had a lot to drink.
Mr Courtney said: ‘They all had a drink but both girls felt they had a great deal of alcohol to drink. One recalled she was ‘feeling smashed’ and the other said that on a scale of one to 10 of drunkenness she rated a 10.’

They were then driven to Amjad Hussein’s former home where Shahid Hussain was waiting upstairs.

‘When they went into the house all of the lights were off,’ said Mr Courtney. ‘There was some carpet but no furniture downstairs. It looked empty and Stephanie Knight told them there was no electricity.’

The house in Accrington where the alleged crimes took placeThe house in Accrington where the alleged crimes took place

The prosecutor said the first girl went upstairs to use the bathroom. Butt went in, refused to leave and forced her to give him oral sex.

When she came out of the room, the Hussain brothers were on the landing, she was pulled in different directions and dragged into a bedroom by Shahid Hussain, who slid a wardrobe against the door and raped her.

The other girl then argued with Knight as she heard screams from her friend, the court was told. ‘Knight told her if she did not give “her boys” a blowjob she would bang her in the back alley,’ said Mr Courtney.

‘Knight went on to tell her “she is chilling with my boys” when she continued to show concern.’

Amjad Hussain allegedly took the first girl into the attic, gave her another cannabis joint and forced her, whilst she was crying, to perform a sex act. Butt was then also said to have raped her again.

Mr Courtney told the jury the two girls were taken home in the early hours by Amjad Hussain, who had locked the car doors.

On the way, he allegedly orally raped them both and committed a sex act on the second girl, after pulling a knife on her. She had put the blade up her sleeve, refused to perform a sex act on him, but he had got mad, grabbed her and forced her.

The prosecutor said the alleged victims made complaints to the police that day. The first girl was found to be cut and bruised when she was medically examined. The defendants were arrested. None of them accepted they were guilty of the allegations.

Amjad Hussain claimed he had been with the girls on that night and had consensual sexual encounters with each of them.

Knight initially told a police constable that she was ‘trying to arrange blowjobs and sex for friends I have just met in Accrington’.

But when interviewed by detectives she later denied she had made the comment and added that the girls knew they were going to a house with her friends, including her boyfriend, Amjad Hussain.

Mr Courtney said: ‘The other two defendants’ case is that they were not with Amjad Hussain, Stephanie Knight and the complainants that night and that they had never met either of the complainants, let alone been involved in any sex of any kind with them.’

The prosecutor alleged: ‘The defendants’ accounts in interview are untrue. The agreement was that Stephanie Knight would provide girls for the defendants to have non-consensual sex with that night.’

One of the girls told police in a video link interview how she had only known Knight for a week and added: ‘She hangs around with a load of Asian lads.’

The trial continues.

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  1. One has to wonder why these people went thru this trouble to gang up on and rape these two girls, thereby facing serious legal consequences, when they could have had consensual encounters with prostitutes with no chance of legal reprecusions.

    This sort of encounter must have given them something they needed that a consensual encounter would not.

    The sex they could have gotten anywhere. The only thing they could have gotten from this was pleasure derived from dominating and causing genuine fear and suffering. That was what they were really after, wheather they admit it to themselves or not. That is what the DSM defines as sexual sadism.

    Sadism is defined as taking pleasure in humiliating, insulting, dominating, hurting another for the purposes of sexual gratification.

    There is debate over whether there is something like a sadistic personality disorder (or something like that) where the desire of a person to be sadistic is not related to sex.

    Proffessional social scientists have studied cultures where certain traits are valued over others. Such societies have more people with exaggurated expressions of those valued traits and a higher chance to have specific sorts of insanity. One culture will have more psychotics, another might have more depressives.

    After absorbing all the factual literature and video about arabs I personally think there is such a personality disorder and that the islamic culture, and the culture of the middle east in particular, causes an increase in people with sadistic personalities.

    The most aggressive, assertive and dominant men get multiple wives while the less dominant ones get no wives. This “Natural” selection causes increased aggression and drive to dominate to be bred for into the population, a tiny bit more every generation.

  2. There are some kind of crimes which do not fall within the human catergory and this is one of them. They are Mestophistophelian in nature, evil and beyond redemption.

    The girls were targeted because they were young and niave. The one and only purpose of the perpetrators was: to ruin and corrupt their lives or souls through force, violence and the rape of their young bodies. Similar to what happens with young Christian girls in places like Egypt and Pakistan who are kidnapped, raped and corrupted one way or another by their captors.

    It would seem that these girls were not their first victims and Miss Knight is there to bear testimony to the fact. This stupid, disgusting woman has obviously been corrupted to the core of her very being. And now all that is left is the tragic spectacle of a young woman who may have been somebody very different but instead turned out to be a plain, evil nobody.

  3. Don’t forget the goal of humiliating the men of Britain because they couldn’t protect the girls, this was a major motive in rape by the conquering tribes of history, the Moslems are still in a 7th Century where they see the rape of the conquered women as a right and as a weapon against the men of other nations and religions.

  4. I think once the pre medieval spirit is awoken inside the former barbarian tribes of Europe, the only thing the Muslims will have done is decrease their own survivability as a species.

  5. Kursk you are right, once things breakdown to the point where open violence is the only solution the Moslems are in for a big surprise, what we are trying to do is get the West to wake up before that point is reached.

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