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10 Replies to “Muslim women in Canada get fake hymens to avoid being killed by dad”

  1. This is nothing new. It’s a well known fact in Europe and the UK.
    In the UK the procedure is performed free on the health system.

  2. Wait a minute. Do Muslim fathers routinely subject their daughters to vaginal exams to determine whether they’re still virgins? If that’s really the case, it should be publicized to the hilt!

  3. This is all very sad. The problem is that Muslims will murder their young girls if they bring shame on the family. The shame comes from the edicts of the Koran. This leads to the murder of young Muslim girls.

    The problem arises, among many others, is that Muslims have been allowed to settle in a free Western society. Our free society permits Muslim girls to behave in the manner of other non-Muslim girls – in fact the peer pressure must be there to be like others. And when they do, it brings down the wrath of Muslims, including her family. If Muslims were not here, then first, the peer pressure for Muslim girls to behave like free women would not be there. Second, in their own Muslim society, girls would know the consequence of their behaviour, and would desist.

    We have done no favours to Muslim girls by letting Muslims into the West. All we have done is to increase the murder rate of Muslim girls. This is not all. As a consequence of the murder, family members end up in jail, thus destroying the whole family. This is a bad situation, in which Muslim families in the West are destroyed as a consequence of doing what their belief tells them to do.

  4. PS

    This is not all. We too suffer, as our justice system is clogged with quite unnecessary “criminals”. That is, this crime would not have occurred in a Muslim society, and if it did, would have been treated in a quite different manner.

  5. DP111…. your logic makes no sense….. Muslim women and girls are killed all the time in their own country. I find that you blame the west from Muslims backward attitudes for Women as not much more important then Cattle. Note that not all Muslims follow that code are religious beliefs, as the one you support.

    The Arab Justice system is not clogged because it is not a crime for a man to murder or rape a woman. That is if you call that Justice…..

  6. Shobhna:

    As a fact I do not know. But I would bet long odds that we are. I don’t think we even have the infrastructure to take money for these sorts of procedures. Surgeons likely have some kind of code they use to bill the taxpayer for this one. In a way, it is a life-saving proceedure. But I dislike that kind of dis-ingeniousness.

  7. It think DP111 is not trying to blame the West for all the problems, exacerberted by intolerant and uncilvilised immigrants. If anything, the moslems families are to be blamed for causing so much problems in the West. Besides, moslems women rightly or wrongly tend to be more manipulative, tend to play the victim role, tend to impose more (of their moslems tribes related problems) on the West and tend to stir up more incidence of immoral related controversy than any other immigrant group, whatever problems they may have. At the end of the day, these types of immigrants should solve their problems in their countries of origin, instead of imposing their problems on the West.

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