In case anyone needs yet another reason why sharia law is a ferociously bad idea there is this story below. Islam pretty much gives power to judge, jury and execute to all believers. You can literally kill someone if you believe they have broken some component of Mohamed’s obscenities and rantings. If the victim is a woman, there is even less chance that the remnants of secular law, where the state has authority, will bring the Muslim to task for his actions.


(ANSAmed) – ALGIERS, JULY 7 – In addition to being called the oldest profession in the world, in Algeria prostitution may also become the most dangerous, or at least in the city of M’sila, where over the past few weeks Islamic extremism has fostered an anti-prostitution crusade steadily taking on the semblances of a ruthless ”hunt”. A few days ago, the Chebilia district saw fresh violence break out with an ”expedition” which only by pure chance did not result in mass casualties. About 400 young men attacked and set fire to a building in which two female prostitutes worked, with the attackers’ rage not even taking into consideration that many families also lived in the building and had absolutely nothing to do with prostitution. The attack, carried out by hundreds of young men, ended with a fire set to a first floor flat which quickly spread to the upper floors, leading to scenes of terrorised people trying to escape the flames. While the fire consumed everything in its path, the smoke reached many other buildings nearby and forced hundreds to flee. In reporting the incident, El Watan placed the blame on police who – instead of going into the streets and arresting the young extremists – simply stayed in the police station, leaving de facto control of the district to them. Their behaviour was called a ”bona fide mess” by El Watan, which published a vignette alongside the story in which an old man dressed as an Islamic priest harangues a mass of young people looking lost and almost as if they were unwitting automatons in the hands of their manipulator. Unfortunately, Chebilia is by no means new to this sort of punitive expedition. A few weeks ago another anti-prostitution raid ended with the death of a man and almost the lynching of some women who barely managed to survive but were forced to leave the city. The concern expressed by many is that the Islamic fundamentalist fostering these incidents may turn into a ”prostitute hunt”, like the one seen in the 1990s in the city of Ouargla, where many women were burnt alive amid enthusiastic yelling of those killing them. (ANSAmed).

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  1. In Algeria they are murdering all Moslem prostitutes but in Britain and elsewhere they are recruiting non Moslem girls to be prostitutes.

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