Londonistan Calling

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British police — sarcastically described as the enforcement arm of the left-wing Guardian because of their zeal in prosecuting political incorrectness — have been accused of suppressing information about a wave of threats, abuse and violence in Islamicising areas of London, in particular the borough of Tower Hamlets.

Victims say police in the borough, fearing racism allegations, have ignored or downplayed cases where people — Muslim and non-Muslim alike — have been threatened or beaten for breaching “Islamic norms.” One such victim, Mohammed Monzur Rahman, was left partially blind after being beaten by a mob for smoking during Ramadan. According to a local anti-extremism campaigner, Rahman reported the incident to police, but was told they could not take action because there were no witnesses — absurd, considering that the street was lined with closed-circuit TV cameras and filled with people.

Already Muslim immigration, concentrated in “Londonistan” and other big-city areas, has reached a point where it is unsafe for Englishwomen to walk in many streets uncovered or for Jews to venture out wearing such identifying symbols as skull-caps. A video is being shown on the Internet of police apparently running in terror through the London streets from a mob bearing placards proclaiming BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM and similar slogans. Even politically-liberal comedian John Cleese recently declared: “London is no longer an English city.”

The take-over of large inner-city areas by Islamic extremists, with the concomitant terrorisation of law-abiding Muslims as well as others, has come about as a result of the previous Labour Government’s “Open Door” policy. Like some other Labour policies, Open Door appears to have been predicated on the deliberate altering of voting demographics. It has succeeded perhaps beyond its architects’ wishes. Since Labour enacted the policy in 1997, more than 5.2?million immigrants have arrived in the United Kingdom. When the departures of those moving abroad are taken into account, Open Door has left the foreign-born population in the UK 3.2?million higher, in a country with a total population of only about 60 million. If even one in a hundred of those 3.2 million is an Islamic extremist, that would yield a total of 320,000 new radicals — several times the headcount of the entire British Army.

Britain has not seen an invasion like this since ancient times.

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  1. Britain was once a shining example of freedom and liberty that enjoyed the strongest economy in the world, thanks to the left and their policies it has sunk to this, a sad day for freedom.

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