Dishing up some more tasty halal tidbits at the Valley Park Middle School Mosqueteria.

Regarding the excellent work over at Blazing Cat Fur: An Important Addition to the Mosqueteria Story, commenter Richard writes “ If the past decade were written in a novel no one would buy it since it’s too unbelievable”.

He’s right. But as I have discovered, this latest chapter in the Islamist best selling novel Establishing Primacy in Dar Al Harb must be bought as required reading, unbelievable as it is.

Today the Toronto Sun has published another article on the Valley Park Middle School make-shift mosque on Friday’s story. Muslim leader Alimamy Bangura, executive director of the Muslim Education Network insists that public schools have an obligation to ensure students can practice their faith. The schools may be secular he says, but the children who go to these schools are not. He continues ” the Valley Park Middle School’s weekly prayer sessions for Islamic students falls within Toronto District School Board guidelines” and refers to these guidelines which specify the need to “take responsible steps to provide accommodation to individual members of a religious group”.

He should know-he has actively pushed for years to ensure that every one of these policies either will be or already has been fully implemented within the public school system. His organization the Muslim Education Network-Training and Outreach MENTORS, devised these ‘responsible steps to provide accommodation’.

Who are they?

Their website home page describes their mandate clearly. “MENTORS is a Muslim organization seeking accommodation for Muslim students within the public school system. MENTORS was founded in 1996 as the Muslim School Advisory and Support Group for the Scarborough Board of Education. It aimed to assist the Scarborough Board by providing policy advice on issues impacting Muslims and to provide support for Muslim parents and students”.

“Since amalgamation in 1999, MENTORS has provided services for the entire Toronto District School Board. We work to make sure Muslims in the public school system have recognition and respect from their peers and teachers, and will be able to practice their faith without any negative consequences”.

While researching, I decided to peruse some of the site’s side-bar options. Under the services section which contains a long list, I found this the most interesting-


-Information and curriculum packages that impart Islamic knowledge, culture and practices,

-Workshop leaders to speak on issues of ethno-cultural equity and informative displays,

-Assistance in organizing visits to Islamic centres and places of worship,

-Resource list of facilities, services and information on Islamic culture and practices,

-Workshops for teachers, librarians, media personnel and other professionals on issues relevant to Islam, the Muslim world and Muslims in Canada.

The Sun article makes reference to other areas highlighted for accommodation of which “modesty requirements” in phys-ed is one. I predict it won’t be long before we see Muslim girls refusing to wear standard gym attire and insisting they be segregated from the boys in gym class. Mr. Bangura’s curriculum is indeed a cultural flower, blooming more vigorously with each passing season.

The events section is quite interesting also. While scouting through another long list, two of the scheduled events stood out. What I found most relevant were both the event titles and that MENTORS outreach participants had associated themselves on each ocassion with dubious organizations and questionable characters.

In July 1998, Jasmine Zine was invited as a guest speaker on behalf of MENTORS to the annual ISNA-Canada conference. Neither ISNA or ISNA-Canada are strangers to controversy. ISNA-Canada was recently embroiled in one such controversy when the Toronto Star published an article describing how the Muslim charity had squandered thousands of dollars earmarked for the poor. It’s sister organization ISNA (U.S) was one of a number of Muslim groups investigated by US law enforcement for possible terrorist connections. In the 2007 Holy Land Foundation terrorist financing case, the United States Department of Justice named ISNA, along with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the North American Islamic Trust, as an unindicted co-conspirator and one of a number of “entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood.” The topic title Ms. Zine brought to the conference was ” Re-defining Resistance: Toward an Islamic Sub-culture in Schools”.

The other event ” Understanding the Curriculum” was held in May of 2004 at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre. The centre’s Imam, Aly Hindy, is best remembered for his famous comment ” if the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that”. He is one of Canada’s busiest advocates working on behalf of sharia law and has for years officiated most of the polygamous marriage ceremonies in the greater Toronto area openly defying Canadian law. I should also mention that the Salaheddin has seen many notorious figures pass through it’s doors including many of the Toronto 18 terror suspects and Ahmed Khadr, father of Canada’s favourite terrorist son, Omar.

I have to admit, when this mosqueteria story broke, I thought it may be the result of a few fundamentalist Muslim parents pressuring Valley Park Middle School to supply their handful of kids special privileges. Some halal burgers here, some reminders of Ramadan on the school calendar there, and the occasional kid sent to the library to say a few prayers. But this far exceeds any of that. Obviously there are groups of which Mr. Bangura’s is one, who are not simply content with Islamic schools and neighbourhood mosques serving Muslims. They want more, much more. As he has said, the schools may be secular but the kids who go to them are not”. I think what he meant to say is ” the schools may be secular now, but as long as Islam has anything to do with it, they won’t be”.










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  1. Well researched article. Thanks for all this extra information. Its time to fight back with every legal tool, before we are submerged in this Islamist invasion, or as I see it colonization of Canada.
    This is not immigration, its domination by intimidation.

  2. ‘Domination by Intimidation’ aptly describe some of their most typical orientalist islamics and many other nonwhite bad habits that seek to use a bit of their predominant nonwhite political power or religous power to dominate brutally, unreasonably or excessively or unfairly via their oppressive oriental culture.

  3. Thank you for this very enlighting report. I am so glad that many more people today are getting involved in pursuing to stop this shameful religious practice from continuing in our public school system. There can be no qualifing reason in Canada to allow this damaging Islamic practice to continue. Our education administartion had better make some changes and do it fast, before all hell breaks loose.
    People are mad as hell at this and they are not going to take it anymore.
    Mark Harding.

  4. Thanks Mark. All hell has broken loose. Talk radio is all over this and more and more MSM are reporting the story. It’s important to realize that Valley Park Middle School is only one of many public schools cross-country who have submitted to this pressure. I don’t know if you’re Canadian, but if you are, consider speaking out against this. Public schools are secular institutions which all tax payers fund and from what I understand legislation does not allow for such religious observance. If I have anything to do with this, I’ll make certain this issue does not fall by the wayside.

  5. School boards have the power to nix this. The city council can pressure school boards.
    Also, people need to write to all elected officials in protest.
    Keep all the elected officials busy with your emails of protest, school boards, city, provincial, even federal

    Dear Stephen Harper, and various members of parliament to whom this is directed;

    I am writing to you about an outrage that is occuring in Ontario Public Schools, and likely elsewhere, if not stopped soon in all other provinces.

    Girls and women in this country are being forced into situations of gender apartheid sanctioned by school boards and provincial governments mandated to educate. They are forced to sit in islamic prayer sessions in public schools, behind partitions, behind little boys, and are not allowed to participate if they are menstrating. Imams are brought into public schools to preach to them for their prayer sessions.

    When I think of all the lives of the dead soldiers and their families who have given all they have for this country to fight in Afghanistan or elsewhere, for the rights of a free democracy where women and girls have equal rights and yet, I shed tears, and not only tears, but cry out loud sobbing over my computer when I read the outrage that is being allowed to little girls in this country. Those who must accept in our very own public schools Gender Apartheid, perpitrated by our Public School Boards, appeasing the islamics. It is ironic that for the last decade Christmas has been played down to the point where it is not even allowed to be mentioned in many public schools.

    What do all you elected officials have to say about this travesty. How long will it be before this is accepted in all provinces, cities and communities?

    Critics have raised questions not just about religious services in a public school, but also about how boys and girls are separated at Valley Park during the service — with girls in the back, behind a divider — or that girls who are menstruating sit on the sidelines and not take part

    Is this the Canada we want to create? Is this the vision we want for our children? Surely this practice is not acceptable. Or are we lost as a nation.

  6. Morticia,

    If Ontario school boards chose to nix this, they would have done so. I don’t see it in the cards.

  7. Civilizations die from suicide not conquest, the left is surrendering Western Civilization to the Moslems, we can still win this war of survival but we must keep fighting and recruiting people to our side.

  8. Sadly Grace, they do have this power, and if they don’t then it is up to the people of Toronto to vote out this impotent bunch and they most definately fall under the Provincial mandate of education, so obviously neither body are doing anything about it and therefore should be voted out first chance/

  9. I do not believe that public schools should grant prayer times because you can’t and will not accommodate all religion and also there are so many different sects under each religion that it would be impossible to do so. Maybe the school system can just find some quiet space for individuals who would like to pray as individuals not as a group. I am of Islam faith and if I was a attending that school I would still attend to my prayers. I don’t not need imams to lead my prayers as it is not required for me, I would quietly take a breaks throughout the day just like if you would go for a “coffee break” and do my prayers. I guess if I was to do prayers that are 40 min long, I would go to a private Islam school so that I could do so. A suggestion the partition could be put down the middle vertically not horizontally. you could not prevent the girls that are menstruating who believe as part of there religion that they can’t pray because that what they believe. As a Muslim women I do not believe that praying while I’m menstruating is wrong, I follow the Quran and no where in it mentions that women can’t pray while menstruating, so in turn if I was menstruating I would not be sitting at the back of the room and no one needs to know this.

  10. The issue is not where to put barriers, when to pray, how to pray, what the Quran says, what an Imam says, public schools finding designated prayer rooms, what menstruating Muslims girls believe they should or should not do, how many muslim kids skip afternoon class, what Muslim parents want, or what school board bureaucrats think.

    The ONLY issue of RELEVANCE is that prayer services conducted in Ontario public schools are ILLEGAL.

  11. I agree with the above comment by Grace.
    Those islamics are trying to push their islamic agenda/islamic ideology in a public school cafetaria using their manipulative islamic school children to gain more unwarranted publicity for their islamic agenda and that is also unacceptable.

  12. Please plan to attend and I will meet you there.
    Mark Harding

    Dear friends,

    A while ago I informed most of you that I would be taking part in a coalition with other faith groups to protest Muslim prayers in Toronto schools. We had a press conference on Monday July 18 at 5:30 pm which you can view here

    For more in the news on this topic see

    We announced that we were going to have our first public protest on Monday July 25 at 5:30 pm outside the Toronto District School Board central office. Their address is:

    Toronto District School Board
    5050 Yonge Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M2N 5N8


    We are encouraging as many people as possible to join and support us at this important protest. Various people will be there who come from other faith backgrounds to support this cause. Even a number of Muslims are objecting and supporting our protest. Toronto tax payers do not wish to support the implementation of Islamic (shariah) law in our public schools or anywhere in our society. Religious practices are not to be exercised in public schools as set out in the Ontario Education Act. The Lord’s Prayer, Bible readings were removed from Ontario schools in 1988 after the Ontario Court of Appeal made its ruling because people protested that it showed favouritism to Christianity and made others uncomfortable. If Christians are not allowed to express their religious beliefs and practices why are Muslims receiving special treatment? It is imperative that we act on this and voice our opposition to this illegal imposition. Please come and make your voice heard. If you cannot come we covet your prayers.

    Tony Costa
    Religious groups plan to protest in-school prayer sessions

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