Dewsbury, Bradford and Tower Hamlets … where Islamic extremists want to establish independent states with sharia law

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From the Daily Mail:

  • Medieval ’emirates’ would operate outside British rule

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:29 PM on 5th July 2011

Islamic extremists have called on British Muslims to establish three independent states within the UK.

The notorious Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group have named Yorkshire towns Bradford and Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets in East London as testbeds for blanket sharia rule.

The medieval ’emirates’ would operate entirely outside British law, according to a document on the MAC website.

Veiled women pictured in the London borough of Tower Hamlets which has seen a rise in extremismVeiled women in the London borough of Tower Hamlets which has seen a rise in extremism. The Muslims Against the Crusades group says the medieval ’emirates’ would function as autonomous territories and operate entirely outside British law, according to a document published on their website

Where the group envisages the autonomous areas being set upWhere the group envisages the autonomous areas being set up

The MAC group, led by Abu Assadullah, was set up last year and has become notorious because of its violent protests, most provocatively burning poppies during the Remembrance Day silence.

Under the heading ‘Muslims should set up Islamic emirates in the UK’, MAC says: ‘We suggest it is time that areas with large Muslim populations declare an emirate delineating that Muslims trying to live within this area are trying to live by the sharia as much as possible with their own courts and community watch and schools and even self sufficient trade.


‘Likely areas for these projects might be Dewsbury or Bradford or Tower Hamlets to begin with.

‘In time we can envisage that the whole of the sharia might one day be implemented starting with these enclaves.’

The call is likely to cause anger among moderate Muslims and community leaders in the areas concerned.

Ian Greenwood, leader of Bradford Council, said people would ‘not allow extremists to provoke them into violence’.

A general view of Bradford in YorkshireA general view of Bradford in Yorkshire which Muslims Against the Crusades (MAC) group have named as one of three testbeds for blanket sharia rule

London 7/7 bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan lived in Dewsbury, which has battled to diffuse extremism in recent years. In 2007, it was alleged that a number of Muslims in Dewsbury were running an illegal Islamic court from a school and similar claims have been made in Tower Hamlets and Bradford.

Tower Hamlets council was last year accused of falling under the control of extremist groups following a documentary by the Daily Telegraph journalist Andrew Gilligan.

The plan is part of the MAC’s response to the government’s revised Prevent strategy to combat Islamic extremism.

In its document, called Islamic Prevent, the fanatics also call for an end to CCTV cameras in and around mosques.

It says: ‘Muslims must get rid of all CCTV cameras from Muslim institutions. Sadly many mosques have today adopted CCTV cameras to spy on Muslims on behalf of the police and local authorities.’

Other inflammatory instructions include demanding the release of all Muslim prisoners, a ban on Muslims joining the police or armed forces and a rejection of British democracy.

The document ends: ‘We can conclude that measures by the UK government are nothing more than an attempt by them to strip the Muslim community of their Islamic identity and to integrate them into the non-Islamic way of life.’

The revised Prevent programme, announced last month, is aimed at tackling home-grown terrorism and radicalisation of students.

It demands stricter controls on extremist literature and a more proactive approach by universities to prevent extremism.

Councillor Greenwood added: ‘Extremism is less likely to emerge when people get the opportunity to come together.

‘Local voluntary, community and faith groups, the council, and other public and private sector partners, all work together in Bradford to strengthen community relations and encourage better understanding and respect between all our communities.

‘We believe that this is one of the best ways to build a tolerant society in which extremism plays no part.’

Tower Hamlets and Kirklees Council, the local authority for Dewsbury, refused to comment.


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12 Replies to “Dewsbury, Bradford and Tower Hamlets … where Islamic extremists want to establish independent states with sharia law”

  1. All predictable and predicted by me for thirty years.

    Muslims are required by the Koran to perform the Hijra, ie emigrate, with the intent of bringing the Infidel nation to Islam. First by infiltrating the institutions of society, asking for special exemptions for Muslims, using the ballot box, vote fraud, and the stick – terrorism and the threat of terrorism, and civil unrest.

  2. But watch the yawning and dreaming about the wonders of diversity from the elite. But what about the left. Will they be keen on these developments. Will they be welcome to come into these areas or will they be beheaded. A good place to behead George Galloway would be Tower Hamlets as it is in London.

  3. This is a brave thing to do for a main stream newspaper well done “The Mail”.
    This would never come from the leftist controlled BBC or the Guardian.Although at least the Guadianistas seem to perhaps now realize all is not well in Tower Hamlets.Where the Islamic supremacists now no longer need their buddies in the Labour party.

  4. What people do not realise is that demography is not a one way win for muzzies. Let me explain. In my town a nice little sharia area was being carved out by muzzies. They were poor but determined. Suddenly thousands of Poles and Lithuanians arrived and started living there because of the cheap housing and central location. Now they have changed the ethnic and shopping parts of that area. Sure there is a mosque in an abandoned warehouse (they are poor muzzies) but also signs for roast pig and no one can do a thing. So you see this could easily be done to Tower Hamlets. London is super rich the rich and next to some of the wealthiest areas in the world is the dump of Tower Hamlets. Watch as it is taken over by richer people and gentrified. A possibility certainly or watch as other immigrants move into the area due to the cheapness of the rents in comparison to the other parts of London. Things change in ways we can not predict so who knows. Perhaps Gays may start to have gay pride events there. Anything is possible. But believe me Tower Hamlets is not going to go Sharia. Tower Hamlets is next to the City of London. The bit where all the tourist go too is called the City. Tower Hamlets is the dump next to one of the wealthiest places on the planet. These people in the areas are Bangladeshies. After Somalies they are the most likely people in the UK to be on benefits. They are broke. They do very badly in School and are near the bottom in that ranking too. They would starve if the government did not send the checks to keep them going and also the government pays for their cramped rubbish accommodation. They are failures with big mouths. Talk is cheap but welfare Bangladeshis are incompetent ants. A little spray of pesticide and they are gone. Fragile loud mouths.

  5. Currently there are about 1.3 billion Chinese living in the People’s Republic. Surveys (Gach-Alpha Books, U.S. State Dept. report on China, Global Center for the Study of Contemporary China, BBC News, China Daily, and a report by Christian missionaries in China) have found that about 8% to 91% identify with Buddhism as one of their religions. If we use a percent near the upper end of this estimate, of about 80% it works out to about 1.1 billion Chinese Buddhists. To ignore over one billion people as if they do not count is a terrible mis-count and very misleading in the reporting of adherents. A Chinese Buddhist forum ( currently has over 150,000 registered members and over 4 million posts, which is more than ten times the amount of the largest English language Buddhist forum (which also has Chinese Buddhists participating in the discussions). But to be fair, a more conservative estimate is also shown (see below).

  6. The following is the more accurate listing of Buddhists around the world with the inclusion of the above-mentioned people (percentage of the total population who are Buddhist is shown in parentheses):
    China, liberal estimate (80.00%) 1,070,893,447
    China, conservative estimate (50.00%) 669,308,405
    Japan (96.00%) 122,022,837
    Thailand (95.00%) 62,626,649
    India (3.25%) 37,913,134
    Sri Lanka (70.00%) 14,933,050
    Burma (90.00%) 43,323,967
    Cambodia (95.00%) 13,769,578
    Laos (75.00%) 5,126,207
    Other Asian countries (16.00%) 213,492,875
    Total Buddhists in Asia, liberal estimate 1,584,101,744
    Total Buddhists in Asia, conservative estimate 1,182,516,7

    My point for giving this information is that we are fooled by Muzzie demographic changes. A more accurate reading of the world takes seriously what others say about themselves.

  7. By the way I am not Buddhist. I just thought since we are talking demographics let us look at the bigger global picture and see some of the facts there as presented by Buddhists who do not care to have demographic contests with anyone and yet they have fantastic numbers that they do not even bother to publicise and even let the under reporting of their numbers go on without bothering. Plus they are rich. China and Japan and South Korea are all trillion plus economies. And China and Japan even make the top five of the world’s biggest economies. The muzzzzzzzzzies come limping in at number 15 with their first entry in the global economic muscle stakes (Turkey). All talk with the muzzies.

  8. This is one of the tactics that the Moslems use to divide and conquer new territory without using military force, it only works on nations civilized enough to ignore what is being done.

  9. If islam falls, buddhist countries would also be affected because many buddhists depend on moslems consumers to make money or exploit islamic weakness to make money?
    Many buddhists culture and islamics culture are closely similar. They have mostly similar eastern type of suppressive and oppressive culture and they are a very stingy and frugal asiatic culture. They depend a lot on western technology, enslavement of foreigners or locals, selling of horrible foodstuff, (even pushing and imposing halal foodstuff!) and extreme exploitation to enrich themselves.

  10. Perhaps, the buddhists countries are not that interested in demographic contest, but they also are subtlely and conveniently out to pander to islamics, imposed alot of halal labelled food on us nonbelievers. I don’t like their two faced culture or their pandering to rich only. I think buddhists are also a danger to our freedom, if we are not careful.

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