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6 Replies to “Protest in Ottawa against the Greek govt.”

  1. When i read the headline, I first thought they protest cuz of greece’s brancrupcy… imo, the greek are finally doing s.th. right, gj greece.

  2. From the Religion of Peace site.

    While these people were protesting, an imam was murderd in pakistan, A terrorist on a motorbike tossed a grenade at a school, injuring seventeen children in Afganistan, Nineteen road construction laborers are machine-gunned by the Taliban, Thirteen people at a tavern were killed by a bomb from islamists in Nigeria, Thirteen people were killed among them 4 women and 2 chidren by a taliban bomb blast in afganistan.

    How many of those victims were palestinian? How many of the murders were IDF soldiers? Exactly How many palestinians were killed by Israelis yesterday? Z-E-R-O

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