More on ‘Asian’ men targeting English white children for rape.

Really. Japanese and Chinese and Hindu-Indian men need to sue the UK media for throwing a term around that really applies to Muslims. A very important distinction. There is nothing in being Japanese or Chinese that makes it OK to treat British white children as sex slaves to be drugged, beaten and abused for the pleasure and profit of these people. But a strong case can be made that there is in Islam.

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  1. The focus on race, skin colour etc. is useless and leads nowhere, except the insight that blacks seem to be clearly underrepresented with only 3%…not really what our average racist might expect.

  2. Profiling, aka the focus on race works, that is why the left is so against it.

    Yes the other races from Asia should sue for defamation because of the medias refusal to state who the criminals really are.

  3. Actually, there are many types of asian tribes or ethnics with similar brown to black features in asia. Some are a tinge darker brown and some are a tinge lighter brown or yellows of various shades and some are more black . And then they are asian tribes of different religions or no religions. There is nothing wrong in profiling by colours or regions or religions as long as people are rational and fair about it and innocent people of various colours are not make to feel uncomfortable and should not feel uncomfortable about profiling, and if they did nothing wrong or nothing criminal, then whatever colour they are, it is irrelevant. It is only when they did something criminal, then their colour or tribe or ethnic or their whatever specified beliefs is relevent for the purpose of further investigations, more effective targeting and more effective reduction of criminal activities. It is not racist to say that certain nonwhite race have more tendencies to commit crime and more tendencies to be more abusive, if it is a well known fact, which as a matter of fact it is a fact that too many nonwhites have known to be far more abusive, unless they improve their too many negative nonwhite characteristics or horrible behaviours or reform.

  4. Yes the other races from Asia should sue for defamation because of the medias refusal to state who the criminals really are says Richard. Actually that is so true. I am a brown man myself and feel that this is a racist attack by the media on an entire group of people; and I am in now way shape size or form a muslim. Thanks be to the racist media for protecting muslims by calling them asian. Japanese are asian too. Chinese as well. Asians are powerful economic block and involve over a third of global gdp but they do nothing. The Chinese, Indian, Japanese etc ambassadors should write to such racist media outlets and demand an apology.

  5. The alleged criminals are asian, looked asian and there is nothing wrong to state that they are asian (from asian region), if they are asian, whatever belief they may have.
    If would be ridiculous if only good people are allowed to be called asian and bad people are not allowed to be called asian even though they are also from Asia.

  6. One British newspaper (Daily Mail, I think, in late June) reported that the fraction of whites involved was 30-some percent, that of “Asians”, 30 some percent, that of blacks, 3 percent, that of Chinese, 1/3 of 1 percent, and cases unknown, most of the rest.

    In other words, in British English, Chinese don’t count as Asians. The word has earned a new meaning. It now means “Pakistani but we can’t say so.”

  7. Of course it makes sense to focus on the race and ethnicity of the perps. First, because this is a gang crime, and gangs organize themselves by race and ethnicity. If a disproportionate number of crimes are being perpetrated by X group, you know to target law enforcement resources at gangs from that group. Second, if these criminals are immigrating, you can, in theory, scrutinize immigration applicants from the criminals’ home countries. I say in theory b/c you would have to have sane people running your immigration policy, and the UK doesn’t.

    BTW, 32 percent of the perps are of unknown origin? Yeah, right. Add that to the 26 percent “Asian” and you get 58 percent Muslim, um, I mean Asian. That’s not counting white Muslims who were included in the Caucasian category.

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