In Saudi Arabia, Renewed Discussion On Fatwa Permitting The Killing Of Coworkers Who Do Not Pray

From the MEMRI blog:

A 2009 fatwa by Saudi Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, which permits an employee to kill his coworker if he does not pray, has reappeared in discussion on Internet message boards and social networks.

Extremist fatwas such as this raise the question of whether they should be issued by individual clerics, or by groups of clerics such as the Saudi Association of Senior Clerics – Saudi Arabia’s official religious institution.

Source:, June 28, 2011.


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3 Replies to “In Saudi Arabia, Renewed Discussion On Fatwa Permitting The Killing Of Coworkers Who Do Not Pray”

  1. As I have stated before most Islamic countries are mere religious concentration camps masquerading as nations with civilian governments. These wonderful ‘Islamic Paradises’ are devoid of modernity, opportunity except for a few, personal liberty and freedom. The Imams and the so-called religious police mete out brutal and sometimes fatal punishment to enforce the rules, and can change them at their whim. Don’t waste your time looking for any kind of rights, there is no such thing as due process or Habeas Corpus in the Islamic world.

  2. Gee turnover must be a bitch. I wonder what the boss and the rest of the workplace when you murder your colleague? Just mop up the mess and happily continue your day? To say this is sub-human is an insult to animals. If Islam isn’t plain evil then we humans have learned nothing on this planet, indeed, if Islamic behavior can be argued to resemble anything remotely natural then humanity’s existence is a gross mistake. This is Islam.

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