Antwerp: Sharia police patrols against gays, girls in short skirts


Posted June 26, 2011

Antwerp: Sharia police patrols against gays, girls in short skirts Via HLN , Lacquemant : On Sunday night, June 12th, a gay guy was attacked by North African youth in Brussels. The youth beat him and tried to choke him
Antwerp: Sharia police patrols against gays, girls in short skirts

Via HLN, Lacquemant:

On Sunday night, June 12th, a gay guy was attacked by North African youth in Brussels. The youth beat him and tried to choke him. According to Bruno De Lille (Greens), Secretary of State for equal opportunities in the Brussels Region, most homophobic attackers come from the Muslim community, and that those acts are not linked to religion, but rather to a macho culture. He said there are also East-European homophobic attackers, and that those who express sentiments against women, often do the same towards gays.

According to Carim Bouzian, a gay immigrant from Antwerp, the situation in Antwerp is not much better than Brussels. Gays are reprimanded by the Islamic ‘morality police’, a group of older men and radical youth who feel they must warn gays about their ‘erroneous behavior’.

It starts off with various curses and ‘Don’t you know what the Koran says? You’re going to hell!’, and if you don’t answer right, you risk being punched.

Bouzian says that there’s no place in the city which is safe from this morality police. Gay couples who live in immigrant neighborhoods regularly get in their mail an envelope bearing verses from the Koran and containing a dead rat. But they also patrol the more upscale neighborhoods. A friend of his was attacked in broad daylight in the hip neighborhood of Antwerp South.

Gays are not their only targets. Fons Bastiaenssens of the Antwerp police says that young immigrant girls with a short skirt are also cursed, mostly by older, radical Muslim men. The phenomenon is very diverse in time and place, which makes it harder for the police to act against it. They rarely get official complaints about the morality police.

It’s unclear how many gays are threatened in Antwerp. About a year ago the gay community warned of the situation in the Middenvijver park, where gays came for paid sex with immigrant youth. That was too much for the morality police, and a group of immigrant youth attacked gays there.


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  1. I don’t know why gays put up with it. They should stick together and crack some of these evil bastards across the head with a lead pipe. I wonder if Queers For Palestine knows about this. Why gay people stand up for these primitives is beyond me. I guess self-loathing knows no bounds.

  2. Gays don’t care. They continue with their alliance with radical Islam against Christianity. Why, because Christianity is the Truth, while Islam is a lie, much like the homosexual lifestyle. Those who deny sin and Truth tend to stick together against the perceived greater enemy.

  3. Morty:

    I would be interested in knowing what % of gay people have allowed themselves to be co-opted as useful idiots for the truly conservative Islamic religious bigots. I also wonder if a certain % of these groups contain very few actual gays much as several anti Israel Jewish groups contain very few actual Jews but recruit from leftists at schools simply to show number and mislead the public that many Jews oppose Israel’s existence etc. The few gay men I know do not have a hive mind whatsoever and have no difficulty in understanding reality, political or otherwise and consequently have the same issues with Islam that I do.

  4. Federale:

    Your religious indoctrination is just as deep and distant from sanity as many of those who follow Islam. Thankfully the moral and cultural zeitgeist of the West has swung towards freedom of expression and thought, but the facts are that many “Christians” would have been just as aggresive towards gays and some still are today in certain areas around the world. In addition, I know many gays who DO see a threat in the doctrine of Islam and the expansion of Dar-al-islam.

    Make note, my claim that muslims’ and christians’ worldviews are equally insane does not mean that both are equally dangerous. Your statements of derision towards gays actually don’t follow the attitude Jesus (the man) had (according to the limited retellings we have) towards everyone. He was a man who tried to spread love and understanding, and a much more accepting and easy-going attitude in a world of harsh religious law.

    You’re welcome to criticize those whom you deem worthy, but in my opinion, criticism should be more directed towards individuals and with qualifiers than towards whole groups, members of which will and DO have varying opinions.

    To claim that homosexuals all share an anti-christian, pro-islamic world view is not only a ridiculous falsehood, but also reveals your own radicalism and ignorance. Hopefully you will not be the sort to reinforce your anti-gay tendencies with violence like many followers of the Koran do. If so, you’re not really following the teachings of a man like Jesus who was an intellectual, who used stories, discussion, and metaphors to communicate and preach his ideas. Unlike Muhammad who tried to gain power with coercion and violence.

  5. Both homophobia and gynaphobia are most certainly linked with religion and culture. However, no other religion or no other culture seeks to control sexuality and in woman in particular, more than Islam does.

    With such uncouth & loathsome attitudes, it is little wonder that such crimes as “honor” killings & FGM are wide spread amongst the Islamic communites living in the West. Forget the mini-skirt, not even the burqa saves their infant girls from having their offensive body parts hacked off. In fact; no amount of savergy and unspeakable cruelty is ever deemed enough to achieve their sharia goal. Similarly, their attitude towards gays and relationships between consenting adults is no different. The clue is in the “consenting adults” part.

  6. I would be interested in knowing what % of gay people have allowed themselves to be co-opted as useful idiots for the truly conservative Islamic religious bigots. Eeyor that is a a very good question. The situation is that there are the two groups with the word phobic in their vocab. Gays got there first and the muzzies copied them with islamophobia. We have tried to get kuffarphobia out there but apart from us select few noone even knows about that. However, not many people even know about islamophobia. I even met a guy who did not know what islam was and he lives in luton. He did know what muslim it though. So it the two phobias head to head. I know I am with the gays, though not one myself as I know a couple of gay christian guys, but I am not christian either. I am just a cute redhead.

  7. Federale:

    You sound just like an imam. That’s not a compliment.

    There are no gays in cahoots with Islamic fundamentalists. There are some gay leftists who reflexively defend these thugs because they are from the “Third World.” It is an instinctual response among leftists – in any dispute b/t a European and a brown skinned person or representative of the Third World, always side with the latter. This is a leftist pathology, not a gay pathology.

    As for why gays put up with this thuggery, I’d surmise that it is the same reason that Europeans are putting up with the muggings, assaults, vandalism, riots, acts of arson, rape, harassment, and disrespect. They are scared and intimidated and they feel like they are alone against a mob. And every time they flinch, it confirms in the mind of these thugs that they are doing the right thing.

    IMO this problem will be solved one of 3 ways: i) the Europeans fully submit and conform their public conduct to the demands of Muslim immigrants, ii) the Europeans accept that their immigration policy has been a tragedy and begin mass deportation, or iii) members of the European majority to form groups, superior in number and firepower to the Muslim groups, fully prepared to use violence not only to defend innocent residents, but to subdue and break the will of the Muslim gangs. None of these 3 options is palatable, but that is the situation created by an insane immigration policy coupled with multiculturalism. Hopefully there is a 4th option that I am not seeing.

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