Muslims mock and disrupt funerals of Dutch people. “Just another dead dog”

Thanks to Sheik Yermami for the tip. I must say, this made me very sad. I suppose the bright side is at least the Dutch are reporting it. And perhaps its one of the reasons why Holland now declares ‘multiculturalism’ as dead and over.

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5 Replies to “Muslims mock and disrupt funerals of Dutch people. “Just another dead dog””

  1. Holland can declare multiculturalism as dead, that’s great! Aside from beginning to use discretion at the borders, now what?

  2. What else does one expect from sub human mutants? IMHO these dirt bags will only understand one thing they need a good beating. Oh yes the spineless, no balls political class will call for ‘calm’ and ‘understanding’ which will only embolden these low life scum.

  3. Let’s turn that around, imagine infidel teens attacking a muslamic funeral and imagine the public uproar…just absurd.

  4. Its great that the Dutch media are reporting this. Now if only the rest of the western world would do the same for their own Islamic problems and call it like it is.

    Thank goodness that Geert Wilders was acquited. Now perhaps Europe can return to defening itself as it once did; with calls to arms against the invader who would mock and destroy the host culure at every step.

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