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4 Replies to “Men inspired by Fort Hood attack, attempted to kill everybody.”

  1. No matter how the media spin it, these men are Muslim through and through practising jihad as their ideology sees it; with violence and a lot of death.

    They did not suffer PTSD, “jihad syndrome” or any other “illness” that the media could concoct. They were practising Islam as Mo the thug wanted them to practice it.

    Time to wipe the world free of Islam…

  2. Just a PS to the last comment.

    These men are ex-convicts who probably were converted to Islam while in prison. This is one way that Islam’s leaders seed the west with terrorists who don’t give a damn any ways about society. Terrorists from overseas who plead guilty (or not) to terrorist charges use prison as a platform to recruit new terrorist operatives.

    This is one reason to segregate Muslims from the non-Muslim population via Muslim-only prisons or wards. That is the only way to prevent them from converting already volatile prisoners to a way of thinking that hates everything western founded on bogus religious claims.

  3. Hmmm, what could the common denominator be? Prisons, radicals, sandals. Maybe we should ban sandals?

    They would rather lose human civilisation to the barbarian hordes than name Islam. Pathetic. And they purport to be leaders.

  4. I love the way the wife extolls the virtues of her good Muslim husband (whose raising her) despite the fact that he planned to kill as many innocents as possible, including children in a daycare and then collapses when she realizes she’ll be cut off the dole if he is sent to the clink. How modest of her.

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