Islam Buys Out Western Academia

by Giulio Meotti

Israel national News:

It is no wonder that universities are so hostile to Jews and Israel, look at their funding.

Founded in 1789 by the Jesuits, Georgetown, the oldest Catholic university in the United States, must explain why it accepted $325.000 from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which the FBI identifies as the US channel of Hamas.

The donation, revealed by Pajamas Media, was transferred to Georgetown by the Organization for the Islamic Conference for the purpose of organizing a symposium on “Islamophobia”.

The famous Catholic university already received 40 million dollars from the Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal and the Qatar Foundation in 2005.

The story of the Saudi donations in the United States dates back to 1976, when Riyadh transferred one million dollars to the University of Southern California.

In 1979, Saudi Aramco World magazine published a list of Middle Eastern gifts, including $200,000 from the Saudis to Duke University for a program in Islamic and Arabian development studies; $750,000 from the Libyan government for a chair of Arab culture at Georgetown University; and $250,000 from the United Arab Emirates for a visiting professorship of Arab history, also at Georgetown.

Until that time, Ryadh spent one hundred billion dollars to spread Wahhabism, the most anti-Semitic and extremist version of Islam.

Leading the list of “beneficiaries” is Harvard, with about 30 million dollars. The jewel of the Ivy League received 20 million in 2005 alone.

20 million dollars were donated to the Middle East Studies Center at the University of Arkansas; 5 million dollars to the Center for Middle East Studies at Berkeley, in California; 11 million to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and  a half million dollars to Texas University (the seventh university, in order of size, in the United States); 1 million to Princeton; 5 million dollars to Rutgers University.

The Arab donations are spreading in Europe as well. In April, a scandal involved St. Andrews University, the third most important in the British academy and a cradle of royal nobility. Hundred of thousands of pounds were discovered to have been sent from Damascus to fund a center for “Syrian studies” there.

In March there was the scandal involving the London School of Economics, one of the best known universities in the world that conferred a doctorate to Saif al Islam Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan dictator. Shortly after receiving his doctorate, Saif al Islam  “dropped” a donation to the university of a half million pounds, donated by the Gaddafi Foundation named after his father.

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4 Replies to “Islam Buys Out Western Academia”

  1. No surprise here , the $audis have been $prinkling ca$h and peddling influence for decades. They practically ‘own’ DC, they are constantly wining, dining, and pocket lining our ‘esteemed’ representatives and appointed government officials via the horde of lobbyists and influence peddlers that infect every nook and cranny inside the Beltway.

  2. Like Big Frank says, the universities and colleges of the US and North America have been accepting OPEC/Islamic dollars for over a generation now and it shows no sign of stopping. Had these been Communist sponsored donations, you can bet your life that there would have been outrage and legislation to stop the practice.

    This propaganda has influenced tens of thousands of students who have jumped on the pro-Palestine bandwagon with no regard for either history or truth. And countless Islamic scholars have also succumbed to the propaganda that Riyadh and Mecca have spewed out.

    Make no mistake, Islam is no religion. It is politics pure and simple. Otherwise why would terrorists bother to destroy the non-Muslim world?

  3. transferred by the OIC, *then* called the Organization of Islamic Conference, but now with new name, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (and new logo)

  4. I’d like to see a source for the claim that some Saudis gave five million to Rutgers, because a donation of that size would be BIG news here, especially if it were five times the size of the one to Princeton. It’s not something that could be kept quiet.

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