The stupidest story ever told.

The Oz Burka travesty continues.

1. Woman wearing full face covering is pulled over for minor traffic infraction.

2. Woman flips out at police officer even though he is polite and restrained the whole time.

3. Woman, not satisfied with abusing the cop, then files an official complaint accusing the officer of racism and abuse but doesn’t know the officer was filming the entire incedent from his police car. See link for full actual video.

4. Woman is sentenced to six well deserved months in jail because she filed a false accusation against someone that could have cost him his career and more.

5. Judge throws out conviction on appeal because the justice of the peace who took the woman’s sworn testimony cannot swear it was actually her because, you guessed it, the woman was wearing a full face covering when she signed and submitted it.


Several interviews have been given by her friends and family - Australian interview Habib     
including the man who brought her to the office where she signed the statement where he said indeed it was her under the mask. He seems to be waffeling on that as is her son in other interviews.

7. The story becomes more and more convoluted showing how wonderfully enriched Western civilization is by the addition of this excellent and peaceful culture/religion of Islam.

Here is an interesting bit from this link, an attempted interview with the JP who took the declaration:

At the real estate agency where he works, Mr Chennaoui yesterday refused to discuss why he did not ask the woman signing the document for identification.

“I am not discussing this. I have nothing to say. I am at work, can you please never contact me again,” he said.

In his police statement, which has been seen by The Daily Telegraph, he said that he first heard of Ms Matthews when he took a telephone call on June 8 last year from Wally Awad, a man he knew through Minto Mosque, who said someone needed a JP urgently.The previous day, Ms Matthews had been stopped for a random breath test and was booked by Sen-Constable Fogarty for not properly displaying the rear P-plate on her black Honda Odyssey.

All in all, this whole story is a symphony of stupidity. People need to learn to treat Islamic face masks the same way they would treat any other face covering. You tolerate it when it doesn’t matter and you do not when it does. But people should not make an exception for a face mask merely because its Islamic.



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  1. “You tolerate it when it doesn’t matter and you do not when it does.” I don’t agree. Having unidentifiable persons in the public space is simply unacceptable.

  2. Fred I agree. Public space needs certain rules. For example, I think its important that private places like bars and restaurants be allowed to permit smoking should they choose. But pubic sidewalks and parks should not allow it as people, me for instance, who cannot tolerate cigarettes at all should not have to be exposed to it when on a public sidewalk I have little choice about using. But I do have a choice about going into a private space like a bar etc.

    Full face covering should be allowed but only in spaces where it is not a concern to the public. In public, we need to be able to identify each other.

  3. Connecting the dots on this is a really useful exercise and the more one looks at it, the more one has to question what else is going on here and certainly one has to look at the side players of Mamdouh Habib and Carnita Williams lawyer, Stephen Hopper.

    It turns out that Habib is a former Quantanamo detainee who according to the wikileaks report was felt to be a seriously questionable character, after a series of odd travel arrangements to Pakistan and Afghanistan among others. More interesting as you pointed out in earlier posts Eeyore has a history of run ins with the police in Australia. Not only is there the “hit and run” story but he was also arrested during an altercation with police officers at a McDonalds restaurant some years before.

    It also seems Stephen Hopper is not some run of the mill attorney and once you understand who he his, this all looks a bit low ball for him and so you have to question what is going off. In addition his semi clueless “culturally appropriate” comment around the post verdict violence should not be interpreted as a lack of understanding when you find out more about him.

    Mr Hopper, it seems was the lawyer for Mr Habib during his time at Quantanamo and lobbied for his release. He appears to have been connected to Mr Habib for quite some time and represented Mr Habib during negotiations of fees for an appearance on 60 minutes. Mr Hopper has also cropped up during stories about Australian security service raids on banned groups suspected of terror connections, as well as the story of a woman under arrest in Yemen who was denied an Australian because she had an “extreme interpretation of Islam”. One report says that Mr Hopper was recently fired as Mr Habibs lawyer but one has to wonder what is really going off here.

    Connecting the dots certainly proved to be interesting and certainly points more to a cold consideration of a plan to make this into something it wasn’t.

  4. This much is evident- this woman deliberately set out to manipulate the public into believing the myth that rampant Islamophobia exists in Australia. Perfectly designed from the get go, she used a roadside tantrum to delegitimize an otherwise perfectly reasonable police procedure. She then further mocked law enforcement by filing a false claim against one if it’s officers. The court was then manipulated to free her from consequence through her religious freedom to conceal herself within a burqa. All of this was carefully crafted. Everything from her calls informing the media to a party of male handlers shielding and protecting her from ‘further abuse’. She has a spokesman from Gitmo who now speaks for her although she had no trouble speaking for herself the night she was pulled over. She also just so happens to have a relative who had his foot ‘deliberately run over’ by a police squad car.

    But here’s the kicker. In order to keep the myth of islamophobia alive on behalf of her masters and hopefully to illicit a little sympathy at the same time, she claims she’s now afraid to leave her house for fear that people will know who she is. This is impossible, since she’s wearing the same burqa that enabled her to manipulate the police, the court and ultimately the Australian people in the first place.

    This is exactly what domestic law fare looks like.

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