Political correctness. The best defense against itself as offense. Australian Parliament video:

Our Ozzie author will be doing an article on this sometime within the next little while. In the meantime, enjoy this argument which has degraded into its logical extreme. I mean really, when people try and defeat you with the usual attack of Racism, what else can you do?

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  1. The real issue is dirty tricks rather than PC or anti PC.

    That they were friends with that page means literally nothing.

    This was political bullshit from the start. Labor was using a very old smear trick to make the opposition look bad. Everyone knows anyone can say anything in comments on a FB page or youtube page – and then anyone can say something against that comment. Everyone also knows you do not read the page of every single person you are friended with.

    If I join a Hello Kitty FB page and make a comment about how hello kitty is the scum of the earth does that mean the Hello Kitty page hates Hello Kitty? Does that mean that everyone who is a member of that hello kitty fan FB page hates Hello Kitty? One would suppose not.

    I would not be suprised to learn that it was the labor people themselves who made some of those comments under assumed FB identities so they could then castigate the other party over them.

    Furthermore those statements were made by commenters on the page, not the site itself. When making a FB connection with someone, my psychic powers do not kick in and tell me what they will comment after being friended. Or what other people will comment on a page I friend. The fact is that people like politicians and entertainers probably do not look at the nature of who they Friend on facebook because they want as many people as possible to friend them for publicity purposes.

    It is %100 possible to find an identical relationship on the labor side. They all have FB connections with at least one FB page that has nasty comments on it because They have the same publicity motivations to friend as many people as possible just as the politicians on the other side do.

  2. Political correctness. The best defense against itself as offense. Love the title. A great tactic and one I use myself. If allowed but only if the temperature remains low one can even meander off into what constitutes racism and if the racist name thrower can demonstrate that he himself is completely free of being a racist etc

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