Compilation of clips of Islamic gangs turning British children into serial rape victims.

As this is back in the news nearly constantly now, and as many people interviewed seem to be saying, nearly in code, that the problem is much much larger than we know and that the children are younger than we think, I thought I would put a few clips together that I have had over the past year or so for a bit of perspective. I am confident though that there is much more, that this is sanctioned by aspects of the Muslim communities in Western nations and that the problem is much more serious than it would appear even here.

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  1. It is not just the members of the grooming gangs that have violated these poor girls. Remember, as seen in the vid, the victims often speak of a “revolving door” of men, well into double figures a day, who payed to violate these drugged up and frightened 10 to 15 year old girls. A revolving door of men all day for days on end.

    That is why I say the number of UK muslim men who’ve participated in this as paying customers must be STAGGERING.

    These reports keep giving different time frames, size of locales and numbers of victims. But even looking at the bare minum (that was said by the governemt to be the tip of the iceberg) shows a shocking number of participants.

    Let’s just look at the absolute minimum “tip of the iceberg”. 10 is the bare minumum of a “double figure” and 2000 is the “tip of the iceberg” recently reported by the government.

    10men/dayx2000 victims=20,000 men as the smallest possible number of participants. But 2000 is reported to be the tip of the iceberg, and the 10 is only one day of such treatment. If one considers that such treatment goes on for days on end, the numbers are well over 10 per day and the victims all over england are thousands every year, well, what kind of numbers of total participants does that imply?

    Taking repeat customers into consideration might reduce the numbers but not the number of such rape occurences.

    And rember, these girls are not doing it by choice all. Those revolving door men are NOT paying for sex from an adult proffessional prostitute like in Holland or Nevada, they have full knowledge that they are raping ten to fifteen year old girls who would never be in that situation by choice.

  2. It isn’t a rape jihad but it has the exact same effect as if it were. The thousands upon thousands of non muslim girls lives, as well as the lives of thier families, have been irrivokably destroyed by this, especially because they are so young.

    Their lives will now be destroyed by substance abuse, mental illness and suicide. Those thousands of british families will have to stuggle with the long aftermaths of this, many eventually having to stand over the graves of their daughters.

    Don’t ask me how I know.

    I’d say it’s time for Britain to bring back the death penalty but hanging is far too good a fate for any of the scum who participate in this.

  3. all this has been known for years: justification for this kind of stuff can be found in the holy scriptures of islam. it is our authorities and media who refuse to investigate the situation; they are the ones who have allowed this situation to grow and thrive.

  4. I love the dad sticking up for his piece of shit son. They need to take it back to their godforsaken hellhole of a “country” and leave us that much less “culturally-enriched.”

  5. Who are these ‘Asian’ men who we read about in the papers whenever this is reported? Are there gangs of Japanese blokes involved in this, or what? Mongolians, perhaps?

  6. If this is a product of Muslim culture then i see not the slightest reason to let Muslim culture continue in the west! Frankly if you add this to all the other forms of enrichment they seem so suited to spread i see no reason to allow Muslim culture to continue period!

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