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5 Replies to “Another excellent clip by Sam Harris”

  1. Sam Harris? The Sam Harris who’s so far to the left he’s fallen off the scale? The Sam Harris who regards all religions as equivalent in all ways? The Sam Harris who’s accused Christianity of being as bloodthirsty as Islam? The Sam Harris who alleges that the Apostles were instructed by Christ to kill apostates? That Sam Harris?

  2. Francis if you watch the clip he says nothing remotely like you claim, and in fact rails against moral and religious relativism. It’s a very good clip.

    In his book, ‘End of Faith’ he was told, as he explains in an interview, by his publisher that if he was to write something that was offensive to Muslims, they would not publish it unless he was at least insulting to all other religions. Subsequent to that he has said more or less…

    ‘If there was a button I could push and make all religion disappear I wouldn’t do it as Christianity and others at this time do a great deal of good work motivated by their faith’.

    I butchered the quote but the sentiment is correct. Anyway watch the clip and then complain. I think you will like it.

  3. Around 50 seconds he implies that Christians were at some point just as scary as Islam. When was that during the crusades? He doesn’t back up his outlandish statement.

    Yes, Christians did some very bad things such as burning people at the stake but the total disgusting acts the Christians did for control of their Theocracy was in the thousands not in the hundreds of millions as Islam has accomplished and still accomplishing.

    One had a very serious act to clean up which they did the other is based on scary.

    In other words there was never a comparison.

    BTW Eeyore- why haven’t you posted this report showing 105,000 Christians killed a year? Do you think it is a bad report or what?

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