Terrorists attack bank because it has blasphemous floor tiles.

I dont get it. When someone finds a grilled cheese or a latke that has the word allah seemingly written on it, or even a rash as one (as I recall) Pakistani boy had, then everyone rushes to worship it. But when floor tiles at a bank to, well the situation turns explosive fast. Just another one of the wonderful things we can expect with increasing acceptance of sharia law everywhere. Arbitrary destruction of life and property based on anyones momentary interpretation of what is blasphemy to a lethal degree, and at the moment, I believe Pakistan takes the prize for that.

The story below from Yahoo News, discovered via Jihad Watch:

Islamabad, June 18(ANI): A terrorist outfit targeted a bank in Pakistan on June 13 because its floor tiles and their design were strikingly analogous to the sacred name, Allah.

A bank guard was killed and four others were injured in last Monday’s suicide attack on an Islamabad branch of a bank.

Bank officials confirmed that the administration had received complaints about the design of the floor tiles, and that some individuals had also met the management official in this regard, but neither the area police nor the bank administration took any action on the objections raised by the group.

When contacted, the bank’s president said that the allegation was baseless and concocted.

“It cannot even be imagined to disgrace the holy name of Allah Almighty. We are Muslims and can never think of the disrespect to the name of the Creator,” The News quoted him, as saying.

The officials investigating the case disclosed that in June 2009, an application was lodged with the Industrial Area police by the district president of a youth organisation in Islamabad, saying that he had asked the bank administration to change the sacrilege design of tiles, but they did not bother to listen to him.

He requested the police to register the FIR against the bank administration, but the police also did not take any action on the complaint despite the lapse of two years, according to sources.

Meanwhile, officers probing the bank suicide bombing case said they have got concrete evidence by using communication technology that the banned militant group Tehrik-e-Islami was involved in the suicide attack. (ANI)


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  1. Koran Idol and Blasphemous Floor Tiles:

    In classical Arabic, the Koran is used for memorization and chant. By making their language large and their god small, they’ve got a pretty book – a polished idol.

    Since the dialectical Absolute of the Koran is found in Mohammed’s synthesis of an incomplete Bible, the Koran has become the Idol against against all idols. (This is consistent with the Pride against all prides: the Pride of Hell.)

    If you want evidence that the Koran is an idol, simply make a public announcement that you’re going to burn one. To murdered in Afghanistan all you need to do is to translate one. If you like European riots, draw a cartoon of its author.

    If someone in Pakistan says, “Blasphemous floor tiles,” do you laugh? …or do you commit suicide to destroy the tiles and the people walking on them?

    The Islamic rioters’ prostration to Mohammed’s Koran would be an annoyance to Gabriel. Only Lucifer insists on bowing and prostration. Gabriel won’t tolerate it.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch
    Initial Mass Displacements

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