Court order allows Christian leaflets at Arab fest

Posted On: 6/15/2011

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — A Detroit federal judge has signed an order allowing Christian evangelists to work the sidewalks of a popular Arab-American festival in Dearborn. 

The three-day festival starts Friday in the heavily Arab Detroit suburb. Christian activists led by a California pastor like to attend the festival to try to convert Muslims.

A federal appeals court in May said Dearborn couldn’t prohibit the evangelists from passing leaflets on sidewalks inside the festival boundaries. The court found that past restrictions violated free-speech rights.

Judge Paul Borman signed an order Tuesday reinforcing the decision by the appeals court. He says it applies to city officials, Dearborn police, festival organizers and the Wayne County sheriff’s office.

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3 Replies to “Court order allows Christian leaflets at Arab fest”

  1. Great, but sadly it had to take a higher court of appeals to deal with this issue.
    But based on the video you had up here yesterday,it didn’t look like they protected people from being pushed, assaulted while just walking around the area.

  2. But the non-muslims being pushed and shoved got onto the MSM news. A reporter having a bottle bounce of her leg made news on more than one channel.

    No such thing as bad publicity? Not for us!

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