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6 Replies to “More activity in Dearborn. Another Christian group gets bottles and objects thrown at them by the religion of peace”

  1. Bravo to the brave. I wish I was standing there with the California Calvary. A small group with some signs, protected by fences and cops, across the street, attracts masses of islamics who scream, rant throw things, frothing mouthy insults instead of just going to their festival to learn how to be colonizers inside free nations

  2. Where are the protesters when they have the psycho fest in the fall in Toronto, where 10,000 gather and they include a list of hate mongers, jew haters, clitorectomizers Toronto needs the California Calvary

  3. Note the way the reporter says that American Christians exercising their right of free speech and freedom of religion are called the reason that the Moslems are acting violently. No condemnation of the Moslems just attacking the Christians, the far left in action.

  4. Richard:

    Notice that the reporter actually tries to blame the bottle of liquid she was hit with, admittedly by the Muslims, on the ‘Christians it was intended for’. Talk about blaming the victim. This was the worst example of that I have seen when not talking about Israel.

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