Greeks violently protest ‘austerity’ measures.

And Western civilization appears to be ending where Western civilization began. Victims of its own success, spoiled, violent, ignoramuses throw harmful agents at police and the Greek Parliament buildings to complain about the removal of benefits and comforts that they have not earned and must be paid for by hard working Germans and other peoples.

It should be Germans rioting to complain about their own wealth taxed away to pay for unprecedented benefits the Greeks enjoy, far surpassing that of the Germans, while the Germans pay for them.

It is no longer that the barbarians are at the gates, or even as Mark Steyn said in America Alone, that the barbarians are in our cities using our ATM’s. But that leftism has turned our own children, our brothers and sisters into the barbarians with a culture of utter moral certainty and sense of entitlement.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. Civilizations always fall from suicide, I pray that the Western Civilization will survive the coming decades of trouble but I really don’t know. We are sailing uncharted waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a hurricane, and to make matters worse the left is busy trying to destroy the Western religions that are our main defense against Islam. Those who fight a religious war without faith are doomed to lose.

  2. At the moment, I have no faith in any religion ability to defend us against massive infiltration of islamic totalitarian agenda. Those various other religions had been either been willingly apathetic or forced to be apathetic or has been pandering to islamic people or islamic totalitarian ideology too much out of fear or out to enrich themselves or misled by islamic political deviousness.
    I think I as a nonbeliever don’t need faith to defend myself against evil.
    I think a more decent and a stronger united Western Civilisation will survive.
    If more and more individuals will come out to defend our decent western freedom and decent western values and can avoid being treated shabbily by any totalitarian group, there is still hope for a better future that is free from any totalitarian nonsense.

  3. The religions have been forced to be apathetic, and the very concept of evil is from a religion. One of the reasons we oppose Islam so much is that their idea of evil isn’t the same as the Judo-Christian one, in fact some of the things we think of as evil are considered good under their code.

    However we still live in semi-free nations and are allowed to make our own decisions about most things, the last thing I want to do is force anyone to believe the same way I do.

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