Watch real racists squirm

Oh man this is fun. College racists when asked if they support the exact same program that advantages non-whites in every sphere of life, ineffectively weasel their way out of supporting the same policy when merit actually creates a disproportionate number of non-whites as dominant in the field. This is quite satisfying to watch. Actual racists caught in the act and being oh so gentile trying to pretend to be otherwise.

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  1. Yeah it seems there is no logical consistency in the arguments. Take me for example I am pretty smelly and ugly, creepy guy should that mean the the ladies should be asked to give me equal time with the handsome suave guys. I think the ladies would say noooooo to that one. So it is about applying the affirmative action principle in other areas other than in academia and the employment arena. And look how the students got twisted on that simple question about allowing affirmative action in basketball. However, the ladies have no hesitation or twisting and squirming factor when it comes to creepy old me!

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