Some minutes of a debate from Westminster Hall on Islamic persecution of Christians

Here are some excerpts from an interesting but sparsely attended debate on Islam and its treatment of non-Muslim minorities wherever it can.

When Geert Wilders came to Ottawa, a component of his message was that it is critical that we support the few brave politicians who dare speak on these matters.

Here at least we see there are some in the UK.

Thanks to the Baron for the link and he will tip his source on who picked the times for each of these clips. The whole debate can be seen online here at this UK government link.

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2 Replies to “Some minutes of a debate from Westminster Hall on Islamic persecution of Christians”

  1. I can’t believe, after all these years, the problems arising from Islam are being discussed in a British political institution.
    Could this, at last, be a turning point?
    Perhaps the honourable gentlemen will face the full force of the law, as Mr Griffin did, for promoting hate speech?
    (Irony at maximum level here)

  2. The only groups that it is politically correct to persecute are Christians and Whites, it is good to see politicians actually talking about the persecutions. I don’t expect any good to come from the debate but it is a start.

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