Grooming white girls for serial rape by Muslim immigrants to England

Youtube has not just banned this video from KitmanTV but is putting a strike on any account that attempts to upload it before it is even processed. It was up here on Vlad before, but I have found a new home for the video so will re-embed it here and now.

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5 Replies to “Grooming white girls for serial rape by Muslim immigrants to England”

  1. The country, which was the first to legislate and fight against the slave trade, which stood up to the the horrors and evil of the National Socialists, allows this to happen within it’s own borders.
    I, as an Englishman, am totally without words to describe my anger, my absolute disgust at our ruling elite, our police and those who advance the stupidity of multiculturalism and mass immigration.
    I would like to think that my countrymen will one day rise up and put a stop to all this once and for all time. But, sadly, I know that will never happen.

  2. They are.. They are called, ‘The English Defence League’ and they are indeed standing up for victims of this where the rest of the media and elites are trying to bury the truth from the public. The EDL has had 2 public marches in support of a mother, who’s teenage daughter was prostituted, murdered, then cut up and made into Kebabs and sold to people, and the men who did all these things were given large amounts of cash by the British government for the inconvenience of the accusation.

    Support the EDL.

    “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! ”

  3. This says as much about the failure of Socialism as it does about the hatred of no Moslems by the Moslems. Socialism has failed the British people by stifling the entrepreneurs who left alone would have created jobs for the lower classes, but those jobs would have been created by people in pursuit of money so the left has to stop them. Now the neighborhoods are depressed slums and scum that hate all Brits are moving in to rape and prostitute the girls. This fight is as much against the left as it is Islam since the left are the people who created the situation where the Moslems feel safe in trying to conquer the West.

  4. “They are.. They are called, ‘The English Defence League”

    And we know how they are treated by the mainstream media and politicians.
    The general public in the UK have now been brainwashed into thinking that the EDL is the grandson of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

    It doesn’t matter who stands up to the flawed thinking of the ruling elite they will always be knocked down by the blatant lies of the media. Think Enoch Powell. The most foresighted parliamentarian in a lifetime. Brought to pariah status through the vexatious misinterpretation of his speech.

    Whatever the grand plan is for the western nations, it will not be allowed to falter irrelevant of the cost. The only way it will be stopped is by violent insurrection, and who is willing to begin that process?

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