Egyptian Shaykh: ‘When I Want A Sex Slave, I Just Go To The Market And Choose The Woman Like And Purchase Her’

A few days ago, I read a story about some Muslim who wanted to bring back the old Islamic sex-slave markets of old. I decided not to blog it then, as you know, it isn’t reasonable to blog every stupid thing that every Muslim says as ‘representing’. What I deemed as genuine statements of belief, culture and intentions were certainly bad enough to warrant any action needed in defense of civilization and liberalism. Then I saw this story at Big Peace and it left me with basically, just one word.


Meanwhile, a woman Muslim thinks that institutionalized sex slavery should be brought back into Islam. Just when you think it can’t get any more counter intuitive or disgusting, you get something like this. No matter so many people, Walid Shoebat among them, think Islam is from Satan and Mohamed wrote the book under demonic influence. If one accepts the supernatural, then it follows. If one does not, then Islam is a classic example of game theory and extreme competition. Either way the results are the same.

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  1. Vlad, good morning. Watch this movie “The Saga of the Black Hall”(2 parts). He is in Russian.
    Fantastic movie about the possible future of Europe and the world. Perhaps your colleague translated it into English, and then even more people will be able to see this film-catastrophe.

    Sincerely, Paul.



  2. Verily, Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their wealth for the price of Paradise, to fight in the way of Allah, to kill and get killed.

    Ah yes, all your lands, booty, specially women, belong to us.

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