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5 Replies to “Douglas Murray Takes Apart Tariq Ramadan”

  1. I usually see Murray’s excellent commentary posted here before I see it anywhere else, so it was a pleasure to return the favor, Eeyore.

  2. Mr. Murry brought up the fact that Mr. Ramadan’s Grandfather started the Muslim Brotherhood. It is widely known that Tariq Ramadan is a Muslim Brotherhood operative. He is an oily character who claims to be moderate but is really a propogandist for the MB agenda.

    Imam Rauf’s father was a MB bigshot too. He is an oily character who speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He claims to be interested in “bridge building” yet supports the MB agenda with every word and deed. See a Pattern?

  3. Reasoned debate gets you nowhere with rabid leftists or Muslims in general as they are both born of the same totalitarianism.

    Unfortunately this nice reasonable approach to Islam will not work. Islam only respects force.

    And the “far right” are going to be the saviours of western civilisation.

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