This is an earlier report but it bears returning to because of the ramifications, for Jewish leaders, who have for the most part thrown their lot in with the traditional loon Left, are playing a dangerous game. The very group that they are aligning themselves with do not have their own best interests at heart, they’re (Jews) just a means to solidify and increase their gains in European/Western society, by using them as a teflon shield against criticism.

Europe has a Jewish/Christian heritage, the very foundations of western society is based upon those two, not Islam, which is an anti-thesis to all we hold dear as westerners. This declaration is a knee-jerk reaction by Leftist leaders within Jewish communities in Europe who think that the Left (statist totalitarians) and the Islamic community (societal totalitarians) are their safeguard for a continued existence in Europe. They couldn’t be more wrong. KGS

NOTE: The Left hates Israeli self determination, the Muslims hate Israel and Jews and every other ‘infidel’ in existence whose mere existence is an affront to their allah. What don’t they understand about that?

Jewish and Muslim leaders urge European Union heads not to pander to extreme-right

30 May 2011

In Brussels, leaders of Islamic and Jewish communities from several European countries today presented a joint declaration to the presidents of the three main European Union institutions. Ahead of a meeting of European religious leaders representing all major faiths in Europe, Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa Ceric and Brussels Chief Rabbi Albert Guigui handed the document on behalf of the 33 signatories to Commission President José Manuel Barroso, European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

The declaration stresses that “Jews and Muslims live side-by-side in every European country and our two communities are important components of Europe’s religious, cultural and social tapestry. Both Muslims and Jews have deep roots and historical experience on this continent.” It raises concern about “increasing manifestations of Islamophobia (anti-Muslim bigotry) and anti-Semitism in countries across Europe.”

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  1. Tried to find the article at the source to comment, but couldn’t pull it up on the Jewish Congress, so here is my comment on the other site which couldn’t get published there:
    You sad and pathetic dhimmis, if you think this approach will ever work with islamics…..Thankfully there are enough people with awareness and understanding in groups like the EDL or those who voted for Geert Wilders, and others that that elected members in the EU, who understand the psychopathology of the left and those who try to recreate a history that is a lie, (judeo/christian history in Europe, NOT MUSLIM; the EU, a fake organization that attempts to remove democracy, Hopefully, groups that understand your impotent position, and the implications of placating these barbarians can help awaken the masses before the sun sets on Europe

  2. There are always people who will sell out others in the hopes they can appease the bullies, they refuse to learn that this just makes the bullies bolder.

  3. For the purpose of inclusiveness, I suppose we do say of our Judeo-Christian heritage. However, the well-springs of our society is more in Christianity ie the New Testament rather then the Old. In addition, Christianity did keep intact and recover our Greco-Roman heritage, which also forms the foundation of what we term as the West. Jews OTH reject Christianity.

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