Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili – Iran Runs “Large Network” Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations

Here is a link to an interview with Reza, which deals with a lot of important subjects concerning Iran and its plans and current state of the Iranian regime. Below, is one question and answer which is of particular and immediate interest, but do click over to the originating site and read this interview with Reza. We publish a lot of his articles here on Vlad. Reza Kahlili is an important source on all things Iranian.

Q. What kind of presence does the IRG and Hezbollah have within the borders of the United States; are there numerous cells; are there no cells?

A. “…I’m going to quote to you Hassan Abbasi…he was the brains behind the strategy to bog the U.S. forces down in Iraq…he says…and he is very open about things…they have recognized about 800 sensitive sites within the U.S….when the time comes and the order comes their cells…will attack many of these sites…so basically they have agents here…they have a large network here through Islamic student associations…they collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood…they do run a large network through the mosques in the U.S…”


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  1. yep, Tehran used to be an incredibly beautiful city…decades ago a friend of mine had spent time teaching physics at the University there, back when it had potential and was a place where, even under dictatorship, relatively free and safe for thinking people.

  2. The US isn’t the only nations with Iranian agents in place waiting for orders to attack, this isn’t near a scary as the fact that our political leaders is preventing the military personal from defending themselves and the rest of the nation.

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