BBC quip has legs.

It seems the BBC joke, for which I received a strike on my new youtube account for posting, and from where I am still not sure, was it the BBC, or was it the Muslims who posted the BBC clip in order to create hate and outrage and a backlash against the BBC for daring to say Mecca is holy to Muslims who wage jihad, which it obviously is, has developed some legs. The original clip from the Muslims who posted it, the channel of which I have linked to above, has also had their version of the BBC clip removed. So clearly the claim was not from them. My version for which I was struck, is right below. Below that, a very clever work around by a fellow who had some worthwhile things to say about the whole thing.


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  1. Exactly. As I said at the time at GoV, the lady on TV did not say that each and every person who visited Dostoyevsky Station was a suicide, and she did not say that each and every person who visited Mecca was a suicide bomber. The group being referred to in the original article, and in the TV programme, was suicides. And suicide bombers.

    According to what was actually said on the programme, it was perfectly possible for someone to visit Dostoyevsky Station without killing themselves. (That is to say, not all people visiting the station were suicides.) In exactly the same way, according to what was actually said, it was perfectly possible for someone to visit Mecca without killing either themselves or anyone else. The groups being specifically referred to were suicides and suicide bombers. No one else.

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