Sea Hitler Lawsuit – Canada’s Gaza Boat Sued For A Cool Million

From Blazing Catfur:

Now this is lawfare I can appreciate. Canada’s Gaza boat the Sea Hitler is being sued for a cool million by Cherna Rosenberg for assisting the Islamist terrorists of Hamas.

The promoters of the Gaza boat are liars. There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, unless theMovenpick Hotel’s standard of service has dropped to unacceptable levels or the air conditioning isn’t up to snuff at the latest shopping mall. The Red Cross says there’s no crisis, and so does this alarmingly honest Pro-Pallie NGO worker who writes about Gaza’s dirty little secret as being anything but a “hardship posting“, after all how many “Open Air Concentration Camps” are there where you can Hang 10 at the Waterpark?

For the rest including a scribd of the suit, please click over to BCF

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