Interview with Hege Storhaug, Norwegian human rights worker

I had the great privilege of filming an interview with Hege Storhaug, a Norwegian human rights activist and close friend of Bruce Bawer, scheduled to speak in Ottawa June 8 2011 for the Free Thinking Film Society.
She spoke on the consequences of Islamic immigration to Scandinavia and especially Norway. I will be filing her speech tomorrow night and expect to have it up within 48 hours. The interview with her was delightful, although no surprise to readers of Vlad. Still, it is interesting to hear what a moderate has to say about the consequences of Islam to Europe has to say.


Fjordman sent me this link. Hege, for all her trouble, was attacked in her own home not so long ago. This is one brave woman.

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  1. Wish I could be there to meet them and hear the speeches, and get some of the books/ I ordered Bruce Bawers book, While Europe Slept, a couple of years ago, the new one sounds great

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