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3 Replies to “CBN: Mega mosques in Europe”

  1. What about here in Canada, do these places still get a tax free break, if so, time to change that one Harper.
    There should be legislation in every city that limits the capacity and size of all buildings that hold religious gatherings, whether Christian or Islamic. Permits only for over 2000 person religious groups in arena venues, instead of the building of these mega religious monstrtosities, that in the end will only serve to create the oppositie of their intentions. Obviously, no problems exist in massive groups of extremist christians, but the same is not true for the massive groups of islamics, the christian extremists, who roll about, speak gibberish, wave their arms and walk about in dazed euphoria, unlike the massive groups of islamics that tend to the lower levels of mass hysteria, similar to crowds in fires, trampling over one another, raping women and generally operating on lymbic levels, that is the crowds in fires I am speaking about, who knows the repercussions of 10,000 islamics coming from their prayer times at the mega mosques, and confronting say, a few gays, or someone with a cartoon of their beloved mo ham mad on their t-shirt.

  2. Given the history of Europe and Islam, sooner or later normal service will return. Muslim countries investing in mosques is a bad idea. Billions down the drain that could have been used to invest in Islamic countries, have been poured in providing construction jobs.

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