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3 Replies to “Tornado forms in Springfield Ma”

  1. amazing video, scary being that close, I was once, years ago when one cut a swath of destruction through this western city

  2. I was on a ship in 2007 in the eastern Atlantic, off the southern coast of Florida when when two twisters formed, sucking up enormous volume of ocean water and appeared to follow the ship for several minutes. The crew shrugged the huge funnel clouds off as simple water spouts. Being we were out on open sea, there was no debris flying past us, but the wind and sheets of water slapping the walls of the ship, the closed metal doors appeared to breath in deep heaving pattern as the wind sucked the doors outward permitting sheets of water to slide down hugging the interior of the door then was sucked back out the bottom with each breath . . . not something I will ever forget.

  3. This is what happens when we do not pray ass higher than the head 5 times a day.
    Punishment from allalah! Pray only once a day= a grade 4 tornado, 3 times a day= a grade 2 tornado, 5 times a day = a desertic climate with petrol in the ground and 72 virgins in heaven. When an Iranian scientist get that one out, I will say, I told you so.

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