Racial attack after the Blackpool Demo, victim white, police not bothered.

After our successful, peaceful demonstration in Blackpool about the police ineptness surrounding the Charlene Downes case and unwillingness to protect our youth, we thought all had gone well. That is until we received a ticket from a Blackpool resident whose family allegedly endured racist abuse and a physical attack…

‘I live in Blackpool and this evening my husband and I were talking to one of your members in Soul Suite (North prom) B/pool. We were directed to your website for further info. There were approx 13/15 EDL members in the bar. Shortly after your members left, my husband, myself and my 20 yr old son (looks v young) attempted to leave the building. A mixed race teenager tripped my son up as we left. I believe he did this as he was annoyed that EDL had been drinking there, obviously witnessed us speaking to your party, and assumed my son was alone. After tripping my son the gentleman (I use the term loosely) then called my son English Scum. I obviously took offence; we were immediately surrounded by mounted police who advised us to move on. When I pointed out that my son had been victimised by this mixed race youth, caused to be tripped and subsequently ridiculed I was advised again to move on. I then informed the mounted officer that my son had been subject to a racial slur, he replied ” and”. I was totally amazed, is this not also a crime. Myself, husband & son all decided to leave as we felt intimidated by the officers and the staff at this particular venue, and were again subject to a vast amount of abuse, both racial and derogatory ( with officers as witnesses), yet again nothing was done and we were made to feel 2nd class. I believe this incident stemmed from us chatting to your members and the moment they left my son was targeted and abused. I totally understand your cause and would appreciate any information you could forward me as I am fed up with being treated like a 2nd class citizen in my own country. Am I wrong to believe racial slurs are 1 way? I cannot believe the mounted police witnessed this and did nothing. They were certainly out in force and I am sure if an EDL member was to be vocally racist in their presence an arrest would have been made. Why can they witness my family be abused and do nothing?

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Here is a similar incident where Jewish people were assaulted in Australia for celebrating Israeli national day yet there was no report of it or charges laid from what I can tell.


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  1. Yes, but when it does happen, as it did to me, you are caught off guard, so to speak, dumb founded, deer in the headlights, unable to believe it really is happening and you are the victim, and in this country, or jolly ol, really have no recourse because the police do not, and will not protect you. Like a battered woman, not aware until much later, that she really did nothing, is not to blame for being assaulted.
    This type of stuff happens all the time, I will bet on it, in our own great Nation.

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