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13 Replies to “Pat Condell: Israel”

  1. You have got to go over to the youtube version. I went there after viewing it here and I have never seen an explosion of comments like that before. The jew haters were crawling out of the woodwork. A thousand new comments popped up in less than an hour. He really hit a nerve. (10 in the last minute) There are as of now over 3000 and its the same day since it’s been put up. I can’t be sure but it looks like the jew haters out number the defenders but there are more defenders then there used to be.

    I thuroughly reccomend any Vladd Teppes and Pat Condel fans to go over there and deliver as many smack downs and thumbup/downs on comments as possible. If nothing it feels great to smack down bigots.

  2. When I had my vladtepesblogdotcom youtube channel, I used to get several comments a day from David Duke’s followers etc. At one point, I used to argue with them, sometimes ridicule etc. But it became clear after a while that there are two main camps. The Muslim antisemite and they are easy to spot. They talk like a series of vanity licence plates. Then you have the white, David Duke type talking point guys, some of whom are bright but most of whom are irrational hate filled knuckel draggers who wield Duke’s talking points like weapons. After a while I just started banning them from my channel. It felt like stamping roaches. Not a good feeling but like cleaning under the outhouse, one of those things you hate having to do, dislike doing immensely but are relieved to have done it.

    I suspect Pat will leave the comments there to prove his points. But eventually, he will likely have to stamp the roaches as well as sooner or later they overwhelm the food supply of actual content.

    Freedom of speech means the right to say what one wants without fear of government intimidation. It does not mean that Pat, or I, owe anyone a platform we have created for our own purposes.

  3. What looks to be the Mahdi is rising in Islam and anti-religion in the west.

    We are heading for a repeat of history.

  4. A country the size of county full of people ruling the world, amazing. Funny how if the Jews own the media, and control everything, so many half witted, brain dead idiots, are allowed to use computers, and post their brainless meanderings on various blogs all over the place. I puzzle over this when I’m idly reading Stormfronts Neo Nazi ramblings, whats in this site for the Jews? Perhaps an administerative slip up?

    It’s funny how the Jews are responsible for the liberal left wing destruction of common “christian” values, whilst simultaneously being responsible for right wing predatory big business. Seems a bit of an oxymoron to me, but that’s just me.
    Anyway next time I get on a bus I’m going to start worrying about militant Jews secretly controlling the driver with their sinister Jewish mind control machine.
    All that time I worried about being maimed or killed by Muslim suicide bombers, its’ all so clear to me now.
    I feel such a fool.

  5. Perhaps some of them were dukies but I began to suspect the worst were really stoner trolls trying to create drama for amusement in between bong hits. When I stopped responding seriously and started telling people that these goons were were really basement dwelling pot heads they started getting nasty and personal, trying even harder to draw me into insult slinging, thereby proving me correct.

    Eventually I just replied with “Whatever you say, Pot Tits”. That seemed to get legitimatly angry reactions so I was probably right on target there.

    4chan’s Taimour Facebook hoax was hilarious but these goons were not so impressive.

  6. Of the two worlds-one under Shariah and the other ruled by Jews, I’d opt for the latter if freedom of choice exists !

  7. The Duke fans are of the opinion that the moslem world as Duke calls it should be appeased. It is why he is a big fan over there, having giving his speeches to lots of his brown pals. The amazing ability of brown people of allah to get white supremacy people on their side. The amazing ability of brown people of allah to get white mc/pc on to their side. You got to give it to them they know how to make friends. They got the world leaders singing thier praises as the The relgion of peace. Amazing social skills.

  8. Once in a while, in this crazy world, someone stands out with the common sense approach. Thank you for posting Mr. Codell’s opinion. Very refreshing after listening to Harris on CFRA in the afternoon.

  9. The hatred toward Israel from it’s neighbours is not because it is specifically a Jewish state, but because it is a non-muslim one.

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