Amir Khadir has a lot to hide.

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Amir Khadir is the only member of the Quebec Parliament representing the separatist Quebec Solidaire political party, which is distinguished from the Parti Quebecois by being much more left wing, extreme and militant.

The flamboyant Khadir got himself elected in just about the only riding he could, Montreal’s Mercier riding which is arguably the most pro-sovereignist and militant riding in Quebec.

Since then, he has been working quite successfully to raise his profile and popularity by purporting to stand up to the ‘big guys’ and opposing just about anything the Quebec, Canadian or American government does or says.
Ever since he symbolically threw a shoe at a photo of President George Bush, at a rally in front of the U.S. consulate in Montreal, his popularity has skyrocketed. LINK

Recently he pulled off another coup by going to Toronto and posting part of the bail for Jaggi Singh, Canada’s most notorious anarchist, who was arrested at the G20 conference.

It was a masterful coup, based on perceptions that Quebeckers were targeted at the G20 protests by Toronto police because they were French. This narrative has been successfully sold as fact by Quebec militants and anarchists seeking to engender popular support.

Mr Khadir put forward the position that he provided Mr. Singh’s bail, not because he shares his ideals, but in order to defend democracy and the right to dissent. According to Khadir, it was also a gesture of solidarity with those Quebeckers who were targeted by Toronto police, another notion that went down well with the receptive Quebec audience.

But here’s the part Mr. Khadir left out..

It seems that  Mr. Singh and Amir Khadir are actually friends, a fact that Khadir wasn’t keen to emphasize.  In an interview after his release, Singh mentioned that he considered Kadir a friend and that he had previously gone to demonstrations with Mr. Khadir’s daughter.   LINK

By the way it isn’t the first time that Khadir posted bail for someone of  dubious distinction.  It is alleged that Khadir and his wife put up bail for Adil Charkaoui, accused by CSIS of being an islamist sleeper agent. Link

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  1. Dear “Vlad”, I apologize for polluting your blog but would you be so kind to e-mail me? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you via the e-mail address on your business card. Yet I’m not sure it still works.

  2. Amir Khadir, Mr. Singh, Adil Charkaoui. Rather an odd amount of islamic names for a story about a guy who is supposedly so patriotic about Quebec he wants it to cecede.

    I’ve read of a guy Suhail Khan who’s wormed his way into the american conservative movement, via some little traitorous worm named Rosenquist. Khan claims to be conservative but spends a lot of time engadging in activities that are tailored to cause splits within the conservative movement. There is a video of him presiding at a meeting where he was proposing the conservative group should allow in various race obsessed extreme radical groups such as the Nation of Islam (which is not really islamic as they still use the Bible). The purpose was to 1) cause conservatives to fall out with each other over it and 2) dilute their power if such groups were allowed in. If allowed in those groups would merely argue against anything the conservatives wanted to do. He also tries to create conflict in all areas pertaining to defence against terrorism.

    So it may not be a coincedence that Mr. Khadir chose to join a party that is all about splitting. I would be very curious as to what else he has done within that political entity and if there is any similarities to the sabotage Mr. Khan has been attempting within the american conservative movement.

    Perhaps Mr. Khadir doesn’t give a crud about Quebec independance but really wants to make Canadians fight each other.

  3. This sounds like a classic agent provocateur, they are very dangerous because no one wants to believe they are out to destroy the groups they have joined, hopefully all of the ones mentioned including the so called conservative will be found out and tossed out on their ears.

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